Imperial Dolgarian Military Party
Leader James Benedict Jr.
Founded 2187
Dissolved {{{dissolved}}}
Headquarters 32 Benedict Drive - Kyozi, Quagotu
Nation Dolgarian Empire
Ideology Radical Militarist
Political Position Right
International Affiliations Atheist International Front
The Anti-Urban Youth Initiative
Colours 23238E
Website [1]

The Imperial Dolgarian Military Party was a political party of the Dolgarian Empire. Originally founded in 2187 as the Green Union of the Dolgarian Empire, the IDMP has gone through three changes in it's history as a member of the Dolgarian Empire.

History of the Imperial Dolgarian Military PartyEdit

Green UnionEdit

Originally founded in 2187 by Josef Benedict IV, Jim Ryker and Rick DePietro as a Green Leftist Group, the group focused mainly on improving the Dolgarian Enviroment. Support, while slowly building, was building. Supporters of GUDE supported DePietro and Ryker more than Benedict [who it took nearly four elections to get elected]. This angered Benedict greatly and reached it's peak when Ryker and DePietro were both endorsed by the GUDE Party.

During the 2238 campaign trail, Jim Ryker and Rick DePietro were brutally murdered by unknown assassins. Immediately the GUDE Party collapsed with many senators resigning from their position with Benedict Loyalists remaining.

Clinically Insanse Association of Dolgar [And Coolies]Edit

In the 2242 elections, the C.I.A.D.-A.C. party rose from the ashes of the GUDE Party. Led by Josef Benedict IV, who went under the name of Mr. Red, the CIAD's platform was Colors = Happy. This lasted for four years when Mr. Benedict took his own life in 2246.

Imperial Dolgarian Military PartyEdit

In 2247, another party rose from the ashes. This time led by Fleet Admiral Josef Benedict V, the party supports the emperor/empress and whatever he/she may wish. Most of the Senators of the IDMP are either retired or current serving members of the Dolgarian Armed Forces.

For nearly thirty-five years, the IDMP was defunct. It came back in 2345 under new management of Daniel Zambino, the Party Chairman and Josef Benedict VIII.

Party LeadersEdit

  1. Josef Benedict IV (2187-2202)
  2. Jim Ryker (2202-2230)
  3. Rick DePietro (2230-2238)
  4. Josef Benedict IV (2238-2246)
  5. Josef Benedict V (2247-2290)
  6. James Benedict Jr. (2290-2210)
  7. None (2210-2245)
  8. Daniel Zambino (2245-Present)

Party PlatformEdit

A Child's View of the IDMP Views

Centralization Most, if not all, Government Activity should take place in the capital city of Darina.

Civil Rights Man has one right, serve the Emperor or Empress and work in the Imperial Armed Forces.

Ecology Trees and stuff really make blowing ones head off quite hard, and are a good defence.

Foreign Relations There's only one nation, Dolgar.

Government Responsibilities In order for the Dolgarian Empire to survive and secure it's borders, the government must control everything. In order to do this, the Government must employ everyone they can.

Market Corporations and businesses are here for one thing: To take Dolgarian Money away from the Military.

Military Should receive most funding and be allowed to control the law, under the Emperor or Empress.

Morality The family life of Dolgar needs to improve. Less focus on the war on drugs and more focus on the War on other nations.

Religion Made by the weak to attempt to protect themselves against the strong.

Election HistoryEdit

MonthVotesTotal VotesVotes (%)SeatsTotal SeatsSeats (%)
January 219023,70938,845,2510.0607500.00
January 2194234,05336,577,9520.6447500.53
January 21984,539,24236,944,88012.299275012.27
January 22022,538,66332,308,2517.86587507.73
January 22103,307,86037,441,3358.83667508.80
January 22144,366,22741,122,27810.627975010.53
January 22183,917,44141,126,0349.53717509.47
January 22224,841,04141,500,03411.678775011.60
October 2222*4,078,00344,126,2589.24687509.07
October 22265,628,55242,396,83913.289875013.07
October 22309,307,37440,965,27922.7217075022.67
October 22349,186,80235,474,65225.9019575026.00
October 22386,547,25239,441,22816.6012575016.67
October 2242+10,284,79243,957,95923.4017775023.60
October 224614,169,51237,761,11837.5228475037.87
October 2250^3,444,09644,621,9787.72567507.47
October 22546,729,43436,798,82618.2913675018.13
October 22585,100,41336,895,88113.8210675014.13
October 22626,210,06040,056,12015.5011475015.20
October 22666,920,22839,859,55317.3612875017.07
October 22706,730,80842,710,46115.7611775015.60
October 22747,348,18442,436,19317.3212875017.07
October 227810,287,37747,527,89921.6416275021.60
October 228210,015,10048,313,25620.7315475020.53
October 22865,033,03742,617,78511.819075012.00
December 2288**44,548,52744,581,56799.93750750100.00
December 2290#44,985,99645,002,61899.96750750100.00
December 229216,613,54450,805,51732.7024475032.53
June 229616,659,83143,574,91338.2328775038.27
December 229922,730,99844,773,03650.7736875049.07
June 230322,486,91244,716,78350.2936375048.40
December 230622,725,30151,398,75944.21347545.33
June 23105,177,09127,265,71318.99 -25.23257533.33
February 234510,896,02956,198,36019.3910555518.92
August 234810,434,73757,234,93518.2310155518.20
February 235212,254,31157,393,74021.3511755521.08

*Emergency Election ordered by Empress Janet Frankengene.

+First Election involving the CIAD-AC.

^First Election involving the IDMP.

**Emergency Election after the strange resignation of 660 Senators.

#Election terms for Senators and the Emperor were changed from four years to two years per term.

External LinksEdit

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