Imperial People's Party
IPP Logo copy
Leader Quintus Partisium
Founded 2244
Dissolved {{{dissolved}}}
Headquarters Kabbasa, Kal Serathi (Map)
Nation Selucian Empire
Ideology Liberal Conservatism
Political Position Right
International Affiliations World Capitalist Alliance
Colours Crimson
Website [1]

The People's Party of Imperial Selucia (formerly the Imperial People's Party of Kal Serathi) is a Selucian liberal conservative political party founded in 2244. It is chartered in Kal Serathi and headquartered in its capital, Kabbasa. Its self-ascribed political ideology is "Liberal Protectivism for the People". However, in recent times it has become increasingly religious in stance - advocating various integrating policies regarding the state religion of Selucia. It is generally believed that the current party chairman, Quintus Partisium, is the cause of this policy move.


The head of the Party is the People's Convenor, who determines overall strategy, apportionment of portfolio and coordinates party action in the Imperial Senate. He is assisted by one or more Vice-Convenors. The People's Council, made up of the Party's Senators & Provincial Parliamentarians, appoints the Convenor.

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