The International Monarchist League defends the maintaining and the restoration of constitutional, hereditary monarchies around the world.

«Friends, 100 years ago the Endralonian Empire was the only hereditary Monarchy left in the world. It was founded, after the communists had lost control over Endralon. Endralon has been an example for all Monarchists around the world: it IS possible, and if we all work together, one day every worth Nation shall have a Monarchy, an eternal and stable institute to believe in. Today, after a century of struggle, we have seen the rise and fall of many a Monarchy, including the oldest one. Still today there are monarchies on Terra. Our task will be difficult: to preserve what we have, and to expand the royalist ideas all over the globe. We will - eventually - win, for our idea is just and righteous.»
(Excerpt from Mission Statement)

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