The International Social Democrats are an international union of parties who believe in a mixed economy, where the private sector flourishes because of, not in spite of, a strong and robust public sector.

International Social Democrats unite around three core tenets:

  1. The essential position of government as a key player in any economy The public sector can and should play a critical role in allocating national resources, fairly distributing profit, and insuring the general welfare of a moral society.
  2. The primacy of liberty and democracy An orderly society can not exist without a fair electoral process and equal rights. Social Democrats derive their right to use government for positive good from the will of the people.
  3. Rejection of extremism The International Social Democrats will not affiliate themselves with any extreme ideology, be it socialistic or otherwise. In other settings, member parties may find grounds to compromise, but membership in this organization will be reserved for parties concerning themselves with practical solutions to the issues of inequality and injustice.

It was founded by the Social Democratic Progressive Party of Dundorf in January 2094.

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