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Statist Ideologies
Omnipotent Statism
Darnussian nationalism

Statist Organizations
International Panterran Organization
International Totalitarian Association
Anti-Democracy Front
Totalitarians of Terra
Notable Statist Parties
Archonic Solentia Party
Council of True Aldurians
Computational Intellect Project
United Liberation Army

The International Totalitarian Association was established on the basis that Totalitarianism needs to play a major role in all the nations of Terra. Totalitarianism differs from that of Authoritarianism in that the government has absolute and centralized control over all aspects of a citizen's life; both public and private life are controlled, not only for the individual's benefit, but more importantly, for the good of the collective. Given the fact of the malleability of the human mind, the ITA realizes that it is the government's duty to mold the lives of its citizens so that other corrupting influences will not. To accomplish the tasks of Totalitarianism, the ITA understands that a strong centralized government is necessary in order to ensure stability and progress.

It was was founded by the Communist Party of Gaduridos in April 2122.

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