The Internationalists are an organisation for the parties of the world who put the interests of mankind first, and their own nations second. We will not stand by when there is a famine or a disaster or any great event just because it is "far away" or in another land. The world is a small place. All of us have responsibility. As such we propose the establishment of world body where all nations can meet with oneanother as equals and from which decisions on peace keeping and other world matters can take place.

To sum up: For parties who put the world before borders, And who favour international inter-governmental organisations. Left and right can apply. Down with petty nationalism and xenophobia!

Unlike many organisations, the Internationalists have no ideology of the left or the right, but are inclusive of all parties with a global perspective.

History Edit

The Internationalists were founded in July 2089 by the Imperial Individualists of New Endralon and their first meeting was chaired by party leader Chiang Kai-shek. Word of the organisation soon spread and members began to arrive, all with high hopes for the future of the world with politics in a new age of internationalism.

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Member parties are listed with their country of origin. Obviously as Internationalists this is not to display nationalistic identity but is done to demonstrate the organisation's broad global base.

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