Air Force of the Istalian Republic
Aeronautica Militare della Repubblica Istaliana
Coat of Arms of the Istalian Air Force
Coat of arms of the Istalian Air Force
Founded 17 december 2262
Country Istalian Republic
Allegiance Ministry of Defense (Istalia)
Branch Armed Forces of the Istalian Republic
Type Air Force
Size 85,000 active personnel
Motto In cielo con onore (Into the sky with honor)
Capo di Stato Maggiore dell'Aeronautica Militare
(Chief of the Staff of the Air Force)
Generale di Squadra Aerea Marco Vittori

The Istalian Air Force (Istalian: Aeronautica Militare della Repubblica Istaliana) is the aerial defence force of the Istalian Republic. It is the last of the istalian armed forces to have been founded just a day after the Navy. Since its formation the service has held a prominent role in modern Istalian military history. The Air Force was the first of the istalian Armed Forces to be able to deploy nuclear weapons, carried on strategic bombers. Today the strategic bombers of the Air Force into the nuclear strategic plans of Istalia serve mainly as second-strike weapon also if can perfectly serve in the role of first-strike weapon, like the warheads into the silos of the ground nuclear arsenal, as well under the command of the Air Force. The SSBN of the Navy, however, remain the main way for the strategic nuclear plans of the Istalian Defence to deploy its nuclear arsenal. The aerobatic display team is the Comete Tricolori.


See Ranks, insignia and uniforms of the Armed Forces of Istalia.


Combat aircraftEdit

Role Name Picture Number Notes
Air Superiority Fighter Ajace Aeronautics AF-43 Falco F-43 370 Info about the F-43
Striker Fighter JetStream HF-35 250 HF-35s details
Fighter Artanian Defense Group "Unionfighter Typhoon" 60 "Unionfighter Typhoon" details (in retiring)
Ground-attack Aircraft Jetstream HF-35b 290 HF-35b details
Strategic Bomber Artanian Defense Group SHB-450 35 SHB-450 details

Transport and RefuelingEdit

Role Name Picture Number Notes
Heavy Transport Aircraft Ajace Aeronautics MC-47 "Titano" Ajace MC-47 Titano 65 Ajace MC-47 "Titano" details
Transport/Refueling Aircraft Ajace Aeronautics T20 "Colossus" 60 (T)
38 (R)
LA T20 "Colossus" details
Refueling Aircraft Reglair Flugzeugbau AG i3 25 i3 details
Vip transport aircraft Turrino Aeronautica P200 21 P200 details
Executive transport aircraft Reglair Flugzeugbau AG i6 2 i6 details

Special missionEdit

Role Name Picture Number Notes
AEW & C Ajace Aeronautics LA AASC-2000 "Guardiano" 8 AASC-2000 "Guardiano" details
Signal Intelligence Artanian Defense Group ADG-550 3 ADG-550 details
Patrol aircraft Ajace Aeronautics A-70 "Albatros" 6 LA-70 "Albatros" details

Trainer AircraftEdit

Role Name Picture Number Notes
Trainer AirCraft Turrino Aeronautica MM-340 "Vate" 15 MM-340 "Vate" details
Trainer AirCraft Turrino Aeronautica MM-339 "Passero" 20 MM-339 "Passero" details

Unmanned aerial vehicleEdit

Role Name Picture Number Notes
UAV Ajace Aeronautics UAV-M C5 "Nibbio" 195 UAV-M C5 "Nibbio" details


Role Name Picture Number Notes
Multi-role/Transport helicopter Leonardi LH-200 72 LH-200 details
Medium transport helicopter Leonardi LH-121 65 LH-121 details
Heavy transport helicopter Jiraiya Heavy Industries JH-1 "Heimdall" 38 JH-1 "Heimdall" details
Anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and medium-lift transport/Utility helicopter Leonardi LA-500 "Stregone" 26 LA-500 "Stregone" details