Formed from the remnants of the exiled CAPITALIST CONSPIRACY party, the remnants of party leadership met in Beiteynu to flee persecution from the unfriendly parties of Dolgaria.

Party Ideology is STRONGLY capitalist, and STRONGLY restrictive. Consider JPF a "monarchist" or "political Elitist" party

JPF, Offering Awesomeness since 2135

The JPF prided itself on outlawing competitive parties and oppressing the pontesi minority. Furthermore, the Party is proud of its strict politics, which singlehandedly won it the Pontesi-Beiteynu War in the 23rd century.

Victim of a military coup in the early 24th century, the JPF Will fight to the end.

Supreme Rabbi SweetMofugginJ has set up the party headquarters in the Tadraki Strip, and is currently leading the Jewish minority in the region

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