Battle of Keita
An ambushed Deltarian patrol van.
   Date    2307 - 2321
   Location    Kafuristan
   Result     Kafuristani Revolution
        *Overthrown Economic Party government
        *Occupation of Kafuristan by Deltarian Empire.
        *Increased violence between Kafuristani Factions
        *Enslavement of Kafuristanis
    The True Government of Kafuristan, rebels, numerous religious factions, and communist guerrillas.     Deltarian Empire
   150,000 soldiers,    30,000 regulars,
       80,000 conscripts,
   24,000 dead(?),    1,000 dead(?),
   30,400 wounded(?)    2,900 wounded(?)
   650,000 Civilians Killed    (estimated)

The Kafuristani conflict, beginning around 2307, resulted from the collapse of the Democratic Party and the Economic Party's consolidation of power, it is the important mark of history in Kafuristan and is considered the culmination of theocracy in Kafuristan.


History of the ConflictEdit

In April 2320, the rebel opposition nearly equaled Deltarian troops stationed in Kafuristan and battles began to favor the Kafuristani rebel groups. By September 2320, Deltarian troops began to withdraw as casulties rose and their Kafuristani counterparts was at the brink of victory. However the death toll and damage to the infrastructure took twenty years to rebuild after Kafuristani rebels targeted undefended bridges and underdefended power plants.

International ReactionEdit

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Genocide ClaimsEdit

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