Here is a listing of the organisational structure of the Government of Kafuristan.

Central Governmental Office(HoG)Edit


  • Bureau of Operations, Internal [Studies and produces reports on Sociological, Physcological and Physcohistorical findings.]
  • Bureau of Operations, External
  • Bureau of Analysis and Statistical Studies
  • Central Bureau of Archival
  • Bureau of Records Archival
  • Bureau of Inter-Departmental Oversight
  • Bureau of Foreign Informational Exchanges
  • Bureau of [CLASSIFIED]
  • Bureau of Redactions

Kafuristani Foriegn OfficeEdit

  • Kafuristani Informational Monitoring Bureau
    • Bureau of Internal Operations
  • Kafuristani Global Bureau
    • Bureau of External Operations
  • Bureau of Foriegn Studies
  • Bureau of Intelligence
    • Bureau of Internal Intelligence
    • Bureau of Foriegn Intelligence

Treasury BureauEdit

  • Bureau of Monetary Production
  • Bureau of Governmental Collection of Tax Services
  • Bureau of Economic Analysis

Defence DepartmentEdit

  • Bureau of Equiptment Acquisition
  • Bureau of Strategic Intelligence
  • Bureau of International Defence Efforts
  • Bureau of Special Operations
  • Bureau of Military Operations

Kafuristani Justice BureauEdit

  • Bureau of Informational Services
    • Bureau of Information Extraction
    • Bureau of Counterterrorism
    • Bureau of Redactional Services
    • Bureau of Informational Analysis
    • Bureau of Observancy of Perfidious Conduct
    • Bureau of Misinformational Services
    • Kafuristani Bureau of Vilification
  • Bureau of Counterterrorism
  • Bureau of Corrections
  • Bureau of Investigations
  • Bureau of Evidence Processing
    • Bureau of Bulk Evidence Processing
    • Bureau of

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