The Pillar of the People is known for its support of charity. Its Karel Asch Foundation coordinates projects from delivering internet access to poor villages to setting up day cares and handing out food packages.

Sarah Hess, the chairwoman of the Karel Asch Foundation from 2298 until 2303, was nominated as Presidential Candidate by a Conner Convention in September 2302. She had a Ph.D in nuclear physics, taught at the Catholic University of Talan, handed out food packages in the Hurom-district of Bayonne every week, and, most of all, she was a lesbian, married to Emily Lowell, the sister of Henry Lowell, a Conner MP. She got elected and became the first homosexual President of Mordusia. She was President from 2303-2307, elected twice.

James Hertzog was the next chairman of the Karel Asch Foundation. He served from 2303 to 2313. Rosemary Dwayn-Sawyer is the current chairwoman. She is married to Claude Berry, an important intellectual renowned for his book "Path to Freedom" and is the president of the Center for the New Mordusia, a laissez-faire think-tank. In 2313 the Karel Asch Foundation sent tons of food to help the people in Sekowo.

It received the 2321 Hero of Terra award "for promoting global cooperation in the fight against poverty".

From 2560 on, Charles de Jahú has been the chairman.

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