Kingdom of Kazulia

Kongeriket Kazulmark (Kazulianisk)
Kazulia-flag CoatofArmsKazulia
Flag Coat of Arms
Kazulia location
Location of Kazulia

By og Land, Hånd i Hånd
("Town and Country, Hand in Hand")

Anthem "Kazulia, the Golden"
(and largest city)
Kazulianisk, Luthorian
  others Skjöldunga, Draddwyr, Befäska
58% Hosian
    •40% Aurorian
    •15% Luthorian
    •3% Ameliorate
20% Irreligious
9% Vardic paganism
4% Draddwyr paganism
3% United Church
3% Daenism
2% Sindo
1% Other religion
Ethnic Groups
60% Kazulian
17% Draddwyr
10% Mikokuzin
8% Draniono
3% Hulstrian
1% Luthorian
1% Other ethnicity
Demonym Kazulian
Government Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
  Legislature Stortinget
King Henrik II

Prime Minister

Silje Egland
Area 899,100 km²
Population 99,707,969 (4347) 
1,822,986,479,204 KKR (4347)
  per capita 18,283 KKR (4347)
Established 3 October 4417 (current republic)

2 May 2263 (first kingdom)

Currency Kazulian Krona (KKR)
Time Zone GMT +9
  summer GMT +10
Drives on the Right
Calling Code +58
Internet TLD .kz
Organizations World Congress
Northern Council
Kazulmark, officially the Kingdom of Kazulia (Kazulianisk: Kongeriket Kazulmark) and internationally referred to as Kazulia in Luthorian, is a nation in northern Dovani. It is bordered by Dankuk to the northwest and Hulstria-Mikuni to the south. To the east of Kazulia lay its former colonial possessions (now independent). It is the 43rd largest nation on Terra, and has a population of just under 100 million.

Etymology Edit

The name "Kazulmark" literally means "March of the Kazuls", and has been used on and off since the Middle Ages before becoming the nation's proper name in modern times. The suffix "-mark" is generally interpreted as referring to the medieval kingdom's independent location on the borders of the Empire of Gao-Soto, which dominated medieval Dovani, whereas "Kazul" refers to the Kazulian people (though this reference is strictly speaking metonymic, as Skjölds and Danskha constituted separate identities within the kingdom). The international name "Kazulia" is of Luthori origin, being used to describe the nation in colonial times. It is still the official name used when referring to the nation in the Luthori language.


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The Kazulian Armed Forces is sole military wing of the domestic security services of Kazulia. The armed forces consist of the armyair force, navy, home guard and cyber defence force. The Kazulian Armed Forces has been involved in various regional and international conflicts and in some cases have been the turning point for said conflicts thus making it one of the most battle-trained armed forces in the world.


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Government and PoliticsEdit

Kazulia is a federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy with a monarch as the head of state and a parliamentary executive led by a Prime Minister. Given Kazulia being mostly a multi-party state throughout its history, governments are often made up of multi-party coalitions representing either the socialist or the bourgeoisie side of the Stortinget although present political developments have led to the development of centrist, left-wing and right-wing parties 

The Stortinget is the unicameral national legislature. It has 450 members elected through proportional representation. It convenes in the capital Skalm, Dreton Members of the national government are usually members of the Føderaleting although ministers can be appointed from outside the Føderaleting.

Political PartiesEdit

As of March 4418, there are four registered political parties in Kazulia, each having representation in the Stortinget. The four parties are:

168 / 450
128 / 450
97 / 450
57 / 450


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