The Keymon Free Trade Agreement was drafted in March 2139 by the Progressive Capitalists.

Description Edit

This treaty will recognize the following:

1.) a free trade act with the state of Keymon; 2.) the strengthening of economic ties with Keymon

The articles of this treaty are as follows:

1.) All imports from the state of Keymon shall receive no tariffs or duties. i. Signatory nations will not be forced to accept or import products from Keymon that are illegal in their respective laws

2.) In return, Keymon shall not impose tariffs and duties on imports from signatory states. i. Products that are illegal in Keymon will not receive this priviledge nor will it be allowed to enter the country;

3.) All signatory states should work better to create and promote economic ties with Keymon. i. States should not dissuade or intimade their respective national companies and investors in investing in Keymon; ii. States are not required to give preferential treatment to Keymon, but are to give a fair and honest consideration of all things economical.

4.) All states that adhere to this treaty shall treat Keymon as an important economic, sovereign, and independent partner. i. Signatory states shall not treat Keymon as a second-rate trading partner; ii. Keymon shall not be taken advantage of for selfish interests.

5.) No other treaty shall be signed if it violates the articles of this agreement. i. Other trade agreements in clear violation of this treaty shall not be passed; ii. Other treaties that violates that articles of this treaty will cause the temporary, or even permanent, cessation of the agreement.

Ratifiers Edit

Democratic Republic of Barmenistan February 2285

Telamon Commonwealth January 2265

The Most Serene Commonwealth of Malivia December 2254

Republic of Hobrazia November 2198

Republic of Mordusia November 2185

Selucian Empire February 2180

Solentian Republic August 2177

Grand Duchy of Keymon October 2172

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