Category: Drafted on: October 2189 Proposed By: Christian Democrats
The Grand Duchy of Keymon, the smallest of the nations of Terra, is a hub for many of the important sea lanes of the world. As a free port and a trading city-state, Keymon is an important commercial center and remains open to all the nations of the world. Due to its size and isolation, Keymon remains militarily weak in all areas save its brave navy. Keymon seeks no conquests, only safety. To that end, we encourage all nations to recognize the neutrality of the duchy.
  1. The Grand Duchy of Keymon declares itself to be neutral in all wars and only seeks enough arms and soldiers to defend itself.
  2. The Grand Duchy of Keymon, wishing to not threaten any of its neighbours, renounces the use, storage, and development of all weapons of mass destruction.
  3. Other nations ratifying this treaty recognize the neutrality and sovereignty of the Grand Duchy of Keymon and guarantee its safety from their own military forces.
  4. No nation signing this treaty is obliged to come to Keymon's defense as a result of this treaty, although separate arrangements guaranteeing Keymon's neutrality may still be made.
  5. The Grand Duchy of Keymon remains a free port, open to the people and ships of all warring or peaceful nations.


NationDate of Ratification
Christian Duchy of Keymon March 2191
Democratic Republic of Ikradon January 2193
United Tribes of Tukarali October 2193
Republic of Hobrazia January 2194
Cildanian Republic October 2194
Selucian Empire September 2195
State of Indrala September 2195
Republic of Mordusia October 2200
Republic of Egelion August 2201
Union of Sekowo June 2210
Independent Davostan Republic July 2210
The Most Royal and Serene Kingdom of Hutori October 2227
The Most Serene Commonwealth of Malivia December 2254
Five Nations of Lodamun October 2255
Telamon Commonwealth June 2268
The Free Axis Mundi Republic of Central Likatonia July 2276
United Majatran Republic of Socialist Al'Badara November 2284
Republic of Trigunia December 2284
Hegemonic Empire of Solentia April 2285
Free Democratic Union of Kirlawa May 2286
Free Republic of Dorvik June 2288
Dynastic Commonwealth of Pontesi and Gran Tadraki March 2289
Dolgarian Empire December 2293
Confédération des Deux Kanjors April 2299
Republic of Gishoto November 2300
Czárske Deltársko March 2307
Deltarian Protectorate of Kafuristan October 2308