The Keymon Unitary List was established by the Christian Democrats in April 2257 to exist as a discussion point for the ruling coalition of themselves, the Democratic Industrialists and the Just as Silly party.

It came into prominence during the later Keymon-Likatonia Crisis when it was used to form the Triumverate that governed the nation during the ensuing Civil War and State of Emergency.

In later years however the Just as Silly party would disband following consistent electoral defeats and the Christian Democrats and the Democratic Industrialists seperate from each other due to the latters deicison to favour slavery and the slave trade. As such the Unitary List was disbanded in the early 2280's and its operational headquarters closed.

It appeared as though the Unitary List no longer served a function however it was later reformed and reorganised by Rob Nairn in the 2280's to exist as a forum for parties in Keymon. Although the current organisation description, written by Mr Nairn himself reads, "This list is defunct, but it's a useful forum for the opposition parties in Keymon. We'll be using it for that purpose", it is universally accepted that opposition parties simply refers to Christian Democrat coalition parties. As such membership of the Unitary List is currently only contained to the Christian Democrats themselves and the Axis Mundi Teitavistan Revolution.

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