Kirlawa Democratic Labour
Leader Charlie Tanner
Founded Disputed; 2236 or 2281
Dissolved {{{dissolved}}}
Headquarters  ?
Nation Kirlawa
Ideology Democratic socialist
Political Position Centre-left
International Affiliations Socialist International
Anti-Fascist Front
Colours ff0000
Website www.democraticlabour.kl

Kirlawa Democratic Labour are a major party in Kirlawa.

Kirlawan Flag
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Uwakah: Ishis, Salubris, Dorvish-Uwakah, Uwakan Forests
Dirguzia | Dirlana | Merkan | Nuchtmark
Political Parties
Kirlawa Green Party | Love Life Happiness | Liberal Progressive Party | Kirlawa Democratic Labour | Kirlawan Popular Front | Social Liberal Party | Kirlawan People's Justice Party | Democratic Socialist Party | Urban Party of Kirlawa | Green Party of Kirlawa | Conservative Party of Kirlawa | Ár Ré - Party for Kirlawa

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