Kirlawa is one of forty nations who officially reserve the right to develop nuclear weaponry and has a stockpile of weapons. The country has denounced chemical and biological weaponry and does not permit development.

Nuclear weaponsEdit

Kirlawa has a large stockpile of nuclear weaponry, although it has never been deployed in war. Kirlawa has engaged in secret nuclear tests three times in the 2280s.

Currently, Kirlawa operates two types of bomb:

  • Land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles, or ICBMs;
  • Air-based nuclear weapons of the air services's bomber groups


Kirlawa operates a fairly large quantity of ICBMs, estimated at around sixty from various sites across Kirlawa. The ICBMs have been tested once in modern times, with one deliviering a yield of 250 kilotons.


Kirlawa has a large stockpile of fission weapons - nearly 400 by modern estimates. These have yields estimated at an average 17 kilotons, and have been tested twice.

Kirlawa also has around fifteen fusion weapons. These are the most powerful bombs in the arsenal, and have as many as 13 megaton yield.

Exact figuresEdit

  • 64 ICBMs (yield 250-500 KT)
  • 15 fusion bombs (yield 8-13 MT)
  • 398 fission bombs (yield 13-22 KT)

Biological and chemical weaponsEdit

At current, Kirlawa does not permit research into biological or chemical weapons. The law has varied over the years, although no substantial stockpile has ever been built up. They have been fully banned since 2282.

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