The Kirlawan Curator Pacis election of 2260 was held in March 2260. The incumbent Curator Pacis, Edward Clark of the Liberal Progressive Party, won his fourth term in office on the second round of counting, defeating his second-round rival and winner in the first-preference votes William Wilhelm (of the Democratic Party of Kirlawa) by 57% to 43%.

The legislative session prior to the election had been marked by many bill proposals. An extensive amount of bills were put forward to the Kirlawan House of Representatives in 2257, including many controversial bills (including a withdrawal from the Gay Rights Treaty, but just three bills were voted on in 2258 and six in 2259. The bills were marked by the abstentions on the whole of four parties (Kirlawa Democratic Labour, Kirlawa Far Right National Fascist Front, Kirlawa Green Party and Kirlawa Unionist Party), one of whom ran a candidate in the Curator Pacis election.


Liberal ProgressiveEdit

The Liberal Progressive Party ran Edward Clark, the incumbent Curator Pacis and Deputy Leader. He won the assent of the party without challenge at the party convention in 2259. He had previously ran unsuccessfully in 2236 (for President) and succesfully in 2251, 2254 and 2257.


The Democratic Party of Kirlawa chose party leader William Wilhelm, the party candidate they had chosen in the last three elections and who would later fight a total of fifteen elections from 2251 to 2287 (with six successes in 2270, 2275, 2276, 2282, 2285 and 2287).


The CandyKids chose Kawaii Meomi, Prime Minister from 2214 to 2239 and Head of State from 2239 to 2251 (President 2239-2247, Curator Pacis 2247-2251). She stood for the CK in every election from 2251 to 2275 (a total of ten elections) with successes in 2263 and 2271. The reformed Kawaii-Meomi were named after her legacy.


The Kirlawa Green Party chose Vera Allwell, a feminist activist who stood again in 2261 without success.


<div style="position: absolute; background-color:#000000;width:Expression error: Unrecognised word "kirlawan".px;height:1.5em;">
Kirlawan Curator Pacis election, 2,260 / 100
</div>Summary of the March 2260 Kirlawan Curator Pacis election results

|- !style="background-color:#E9E9E9" align=left valign=top|Candidates !style="background-color:#E9E9E9" align=left valign=top|Party !style="background-color:#E9E9E9" align=right|Votes 1st round !style="background-color:#E9E9E9" align=right|% !style="background-color:#E9E9E9" align=right|Votes 2nd round !style="background-color:#E9E9E9" align=right|% |- |align=left|William Wilhelm |align=left|New Democratic Party of Kirlawa |17,287,268 |32.04% |18,984,135 |42.42% |- |align=left|Edward Clark |align=left|Liberal Progressive Party |17,229,956 |31.94% |25,622,769 |57.25% |- |align=left|Kawaii Meomi |align=left|CandyKids |15,945,983 |29.56% | | |- |align=left|Vera Alwell |align=left|Kirlawa Green Party |3,377,587 |6.26% | | |-


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