Communist Party
Kommunistiske Parti


Party Leader
Daniel Ulvestad
19th January 4322
Student Wing
Kommunistiske Studenters
Youth Wing
Kommunistiske Ungdom
Metzism, Communism
International Affiliation
Socialist International, International Labour Movement, Communist League of Terrra, The Left Coalition
Official Color
Political Position
81 / 300
4 / 13
Politics of Kazulia
Elections in Kazulia

The Communist Party was founded on 19th January 4322 by May Flaten and Emma Eggebraaten who were previously not affiliated with any party. They were both working class at the time and worked together as supermarket assistants in Sedall. In the local council elections (due to an early election) in August 4322, both were elected, along with Flaten’s sister, Inger Flaten, holding 3 Seats out of the 35. The disproportionately large population of the working class in Sedall helped them win seats. They began offer free membership in February 4323 and had attracted 205 members in the first week. In the council elections in the next town along, Sauland, they managed to win 14 seats out of the 50 available. Later that year, they ran in council around the southern and western parts of the country as their membership had grown to 28,411. In November 4235, the party ran in national elections.


Name Date Assumed Office Date Resigned
May Flaten 19th Jan 4322 Incumbent
Daniel Ulvestad November 4333 TBC

Leadership ElectionsEdit

Name Vote % Votes
Daniel Ulvestad 51.28 273,241
Emma Eggebraaten 24.93 132,853
Margrethe Aspen 16.31 86,908
Georg Grambo 7.48 39,839

National election resultsEdit

Date Vote % Seats Total Seats Place Outcome Leader
Nov 4325 15.7% Increase1 46 Increase1 300 4th Increase1 Opposition May


Oct 4327 25.5% Increase1 78 Increase1 300 1st Increase1 Coalition May


Nov 4329 25.71% Increase1 81 Increase1 300 1st Coalition May


Statsoverhode CandidatesEdit

Name Election Vote % (R2) Vote % (R1)
Christoffer Laursen November 4329 35.72 35.96
Johnathon Bahuag November 4333 TBC TBC

Statsoverhode PrimarysEdit

4329 Election

Round One

Name Votes % Votes
Christoffer Laursen 39.02 199,402
Emma Eggebraaten 27.11 138,539
Oline Eliasen 24.55 125,456
Jane Skaar 9.32 47,627

Round Two

Name Votes % Votes
Christoffer Laursen 44.41 226,946
Emma Eggebraaten 28.28 144,518
Oline Eliasen 27.31 139,560

Round Three

Name Votes % Votes
Christoffer Laursen 56.34 287,911
Emma Eggebraaten 43.66 223,113

4333 Election

Round One

Name Votes % Votes
Jonathan Buhaug 46.31 249,602
Daniel Ulvestad 41.91 225,887
Øivind Mickelsen 11.78 63,493

Round Two

Name Votes % Votes
Jonathan Buhaug 46.31 281,671
Daniel Ulvestad 41.91 257,310

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