Lady Kosawak Zettel (born 1st June 2239) has been the Grand Master of the Axis Mundi Zen Collective since May 2294.

Kosawak Marakeesha Langston Haversteen was born into a distinguished Buddhist family in the rural lands north of Keymon City. Her father was a strict Buddhist priest in a nearby temple and imposed a strict religious lifestyle upon his children. As well as this he owned large areas of land but was generally known to be one of the more kind landlords, providing his workers were practicing Zen Buddhists.

Haversteen, having finished her education, quickly rose through the ranks of society eventually marrying Earl Zettel of North Victoria in June 2260 taking on the prefix Lady. At this stage in her life there was nothing to set Lady Zettel apart from the other members of high scciety, except perhaps her committment to Buddhism.

However tragedy struck as her husband was killed in a bombing raid by Likaton forces in 2261 after only one year of marriage. Little did she know that this event would change the course of her life.

Following the death of the Earl his family immediately placed the blame on his 'low-class' wife, stripping her of her title (which she unnofficialy has kept to this day) and expelling her from the family home. Zettel was unwilling to return to her home as her father was now dead and she did want to place such a burden upon her elderly mother. Due to this she instead decided to seek refuge at a Buddhist temple. However this temple was also the home to the growing trend of "Enlightened Socialism" that was sweeping the nation and so three years later she re-entered society, only by now she had been fully radicalised.

To be continued...

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