The Leader of the Opposition (Selucian: Dux Oppositionis) is an unofficial, mostly conventional and honorary title traditionally held by the leader of the largest party in the Senatus Populi Seluciae not within the government. He/she is usually the person who is expected to lead that party into the next general election.

The current leader of the Opposition is Wilhelmus Augustus Flavius, Leader of the Rexist Party.


There is some ambiguity on the requirements needed to hold the post due to its workings being based mostly on custom and convention. The term of "Leader of the Opposition" is only legally recognized in a Royal Decree passed in 1983 establishing the order of preference of public authorities in general official acts organized by the Crown, Government or the State Administration, acknowledging the figure of Opposition Leader but only to put it in fifteenth place in the list of precedences. However, the crown was removed long ago but the decree remained.

Such an agreement established a series of conditions for the role and awarded some prerogatives for the officeholder:

  1. Determination of the person fulfilling the role of leader of the opposition must meet criteria of effective parliamentary number preeminence
  2. There must not be a formal appointment
  3. There is no need to raise compatibility issues for the role
  4. Must lack a full-blown salary, even if it may have a right to representation expenses, vehicle availability as well as the care provided for bureau members

However, despite the possibility for some privileges in consideration of its position being optionally awarded, the Leader of the Opposition is not entitled to a specific salary aside from the one they may have by reason of holding a public office on their own—such as that of deputy. In addition, the officeholder usually receives much more attention from the media in parliamentary sessions and activities, such as in the yearly-held State of the Nation Debate.

Even with the absence of a law defining the role of the Opposition Leader, it is customary to conduct update meetings between the Prime Minister and the chairman of the largest party not within the government. However, such meetings are carried out mostly according to the Prime Minister's decision. Established precedent has also led for the Leader of the Opposition usually sitting directly across from the Prime Minister in the Congress seating plan. It is not required for a Leader of the Opposition to held the post of deputy in Congress.


The first recognized Leader of the Opposition was Augustus Minervae, who led the Holy Roman Catholic Church from 4100 and 4103, the main opposition party in Selucia after In Marea was created and defeated the previous dictatorship.

List of Duces OppositionisEdit

Dux En Contra Party Term of office
1 Empty Augustus Minervae Holy Roman Catholic Church 4100 4103
Vacant 4103 4111
2 Empty Prucius Marinus Integritas 4111 4115
3 Empty Magnus Achillus Serviunt Civitati 4115 4119
4 Empty Livius Favilius Traditio et Honorem 4119 4123
5 Empty Titus Procus Democratic Party 4123 4127
6 IMG 7938 Athena Scudo In Marea Possumus Facere 4127 4135
7 Empty Dicus Auxilianus Factio Conservativa 4135 4139
8 Empty Flavius Augustus Aquilinus Magni Iucunda Imperialium 4139 4159
9 Empty ? Partis Nationalisti 4159 4163
10 Icarion Dadhelus Icarion Dadhelus In Marea Possumus Facere 4163 4166
Vacant 4166 4169
11 Marcus Crispinus Cato Marco Crispinus Cato Cogitari 4169 4173
12 Icarion Dadhelus Icarion Dadhelus In Marea Possumus Facere 4173 4180
Vacant 4180 4184
13 A Milianius Ambrose Milianus Factio Hosiana 4184 4192
14 Empty Brutus Area Populi Iudex 4192 4196
15 Marcus Crispinus Cato Marco Crispinus Cato Populares 4196 4200
16 Artemisia Ventor Artemisia Ventor In Marea Possumus Facere 4200 4204
17 Empty Prucus Aeculus Vox Natione 4204 4207
18 Priscus(unoff) Cassianus Priscus Partis Nationalisti 4207 4223
19 Regina(unoff) Calventia Regina Factio Democratica 4223 4228
20 Priscus(unoff) Cassianus Priscus Partis Nationalisti 4228 4243
21 Xena Sicula Xena Sicula In Marea-Civis Sinistram 4243 4248
22 Apollo Volturcius Apollo Volturcius 4248 4261
Vacant 4261 4265
23 Partis Imperialis Fabianus Cato Partis Imperialis 4265 4290
24 Orion Sideris Orion Sideris In Marea-Civis Sinistram 4290 4295
25 Partis Imperialis Fabianus Cato Partis Imperialis 4295 4300
26 Orion Sideris Orion Sideris In Marea-Civis Sinistram 4300 4305
27 Cynthia Spirou Cynthia Spirou 4305 4318
28 Empty Factio Tolerans 4318 4322
29 Cynthia Spirou Cynthia Spirou In Marea-Civis Sinistram 4322 4330
30 Odysseus Scalas Odysseus Scalas 4330 4344
31 Empty Pars Militum Petulantia 4344 4347
Vacant 4347 4354
32 Partis Imperialis Partis Imperialis Partis Imperialis 4354 4355
Vacant 4355 4367
33 Argos Loukas Argos Loukas In Marea-Civis Sinistram 4367 4371
34 Empty Legionem Nationis Legionem Nationis 4371 4380
35 Empty Denique Vidimus Lucem Denique Vidimus Lucem 4380 4386
36 Atia Gryllus Atia Vinicia Gryllus In Marea-Civis Sinistram 4386 4392
37 Empty Legio Nationalis Legio Nationalis 4392 4394
Wilhelmus Augustus Flavius Rexist Party 4394