Liberal, Socialist Party of Baltusia
One little peasant, with one little stone can bring the mountain of right-wing government down
Party Leader
Nigel Slaton
6th August 4252
Student Wing
The Liberal, Socialist Intellectuals of our Nation
Youth Wing
The Liberal, Socialist Children of our Nation
Liberalism, Socialism
International Affiliation
Left Party Bloc
Official Color
Political Position
Seats in Congress
34 / 600
Left Bloc Presidential Vote Share
100 / 100
Politics of Baltusia
Political parties in Baltusia
Elections in Baltusia

Welcome to the official website of the Liberal Socialist Party of Baltusia

About Us Edit

We are a political part in Baltusia. Founded on the 6th of August 4252 in ,

Castella by Nigel Slaton to stand up for the working class of Baltusia, we stand for both liberalism and socialism. Throughout our time representing the Baltusian people, we have fought for issues which are important to the people of Baltusia.

Notable Members Edit

Nigel Slaton Edit

Nigel Slaton, the party creator, led the party through their first, humiliating, election (which they lost) although he was the party leader he resigned from that post. Due to his popularity within the party he did not leave politics completely but instead became the parties candidate for foreign affairs.

Sally Anderson Edit

Sally Anderson started her life in the Yeudish Republic of Beiteynu however, when she heard about the countries stance on homosexuality within the military she moved to Baltusia as at that time a left wing government were in power. Sally is currently trying to make sure the right wing parties don't ruin the current policies.