Liberal-Socialist Party of Dorvik
Leader Danielle Kingsman
Founded 2324
Dissolved {{{dissolved}}}
Headquarters Fairfax, Dorvan
Nation Dorvik
Ideology Progressism, Social-Democracy, Social Liberalism, Environmentalism
Political Position Centre-Left
International Affiliations International Social Democrats, International Greens
Socialist International
Colours E86800
Website [1]

The Liberal-Socialist Party of Dorvik (known as the Liberal-Socialists) was founded in 2324 by Dorvish Democratic Alliance senators that were ashamed by the dissolution of the Dorvish Democratic Alliance and didn't want to be members of other parties, such as the Green Coalition (VolksUnie) or other DCMLU parties. The LSPD sees itself as the continuation of the DDA, as many DDA candidates soon joined the new party after it was created.

The LSPD is a member of the Dargun Conference for Moderate and Leftist Unity. It is often considered the most centrist of the member parties.

Current Status Edit

The LSPD has 48 Senate seats. It controls the mayorships of Langton and Dargun.

History Edit

Neo-Democratic Party of Dorvik Edit

The Neo-Democratic Party of Dorvik was founded on 26th July 2060 by Kyle Cooper, a former member of the Dorvik Social Democrats. Their first notable election was in 2180, where the NDPD was able to get 22 seats and to be in a rather special coalition with the Conservative Party of Dorvik.

To be continued later...

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