Liberal Democratic Party
Leader Sonja Smits
Founded 2275
Dissolved {{{dissolved}}}
Headquarters Bayonne (Sammodra)
Nation Mordusia (Republic of)
Ideology Social Democracy
Political Position centre-left
International Affiliations Liberal Democracy Organization
Liberal Democracy Foundation
Colours FF9933
Website None

The Liberal Democratic Party is a party in the Republic of Mordusia. Currently it controls 26% of the Assembly and has four seats in the Cabinet.


The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) was founded in 2275 as a progressive, social democratic party. It struggled for the first two decades of its existance to become relavent in the Mordusian political scene, but towards the end of the century, under the leadership of Sacha Trudeau, the party became the strongest opposition party in the assembly, receiving over 26% of the vote in the 2301 election. Sacha Trudeau was defeated as party leader the next year, largely over his handling of the Kafuristan affair, where he insisted on the closing of the borders to Kafuristan citizens and goods - most people withing the LDP opposed this position.

Party LeadersEdit

  • 2275-2293 Samuel Tremiel
  • 2293-2293 Sonja Smits [interim]
  • 2294-2302 Sacha Trudeau
  • 2302-2308 Sonja Smits
  • 2308- Julien Fairchild

Sonja Smits was the interim party leader in 2293 for 8 months after the resignation of Samuel Tremiel, until Sacha Trudeau was elected. She was later elected leader at the leadership convention of 2302.

Role in Mordusian PoliticsEdit

The Liberal Democratic Party of Mordusia has evolved quickly to become a strong progresive voice in Mordusian politics. It is a leader in left-of-centre politics, and in recent elections has become the second largest party in the country.

Leadership ConventionsEdit

LDP Leadership Convention 2308Edit

  • Julien Fairchild: 57%
  • Lynn Daly: 33%
  • Joseph Hapinov: 10%

LDP Leadership Convention 2302Edit

  • Sonja Smits 53%
  • Sacha Trudeau (incumbent) 40% defeated
  • Bill Davis 6%
  • Jospeph Hapinov 1%
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