Liberal Democrats
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Nation Valruzian Federation
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The Liberal Democrats are a pro-market, pro-freedom party of the Valruzian Federation. The Liberal Democrats believe in a slightly moderated free market, a politically active population, extensive civil rights and the promotion of technical innovations. It is a member of the International Association of Libertarian Parties (IALP). Its current leader is Lidia Strongfield. The Liberal Democrats are the oldest active party in Valruzia.

They are commonly referred to as the 'LD' or the 'Lib Dems'.


Originally the Liberal Democrats started out as an organisation of merchants and scientists in the regions of Hulbark and Tirkalara, their traditional strongholds. Their goals were to improve trade, welfare, education and technology in Valruzia. When the first elections were being held they were still named the 'Valruzian Liberal Democrats'. At the next election they were already renamed to just the 'Liberal Democrats'. In 2077 they collapsed due to various corruption scandals. In 2084 they returned with a new leader Nijntje Pluijs.

Electoral ResultsEdit

These are the electoral results of the Liberal Democrats throughout the years. If a year is in bold, it means that the Liberal Democrats won the presidential elections. Year Seats % Seats Difference % difference 2037 15 25 1st election

1st election 2042 27 15 +12

-10 2045 40 23 +13

+8 2047 29 17 -11

-6 2050 35 20 +6

+3 2052 38 22 +3

+2 2055 32 18 -6

-4 2057 42 24 +10

+6 2060 39 25 -3

+1 2062 50 29 +11

+4 2065 35 20 -15


Former LeadersEdit

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