Det Liberale Nasjonalistpartiet
Political Ideology Liberal Nationalism
Political Position Centre
Leader Benjamin Skyberg
Deputy Leader Åse Ludvigsen
Chairman Oskar Krag
President Sylvia Lund
General information
Founded (1st incarnation) 11th April 4301
Founded (2nd incarnation) 2nd September 4347
Official colour      Dark Green
Headquarters 10 Lindisfarne Way, Skalm, (Dreton)
Nation Kazulia
0 / 13
0 / 450
0 / 5
Slogan For a better Kazulia.
International Centrist Alliance, United Against Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weapons, Liberal Organisation, Alliance of Liberals for Terra, Anti-Communist League (ACL)


1st IncarnationEdit

Kazulmark Først! was formed on 11th April 4301 by Svein Krag and Klara Rudd, the party aimed to represent both liberal and nationalist views shortly after the fall of the Liberale Parti earlier that year. The party’s start was slow - gaining under 1% of the vote inn their first election. However, the party gained popularity over the following years and won 10 seats at the next election.

2nd IncarnationEdit

Formed on 2nd September 4347 by Karoline Velde, May Aaby and son of Svein Krag, Oskar Krag, the party was reacreated many years after it’s dissolution. The Party Colour was also changed to dark green and a new logo was made.

The Velde EraEdit

Karoline Velde represented one major change in part policy - republicanism. While Svein Krag had supported the Kazulia monarchy, she did not.

The Skyberg EraEdit

After his election as leader, Benjamin Skyberg took the Party in a more economically liberal direction, while still retaining nationalist values with the plan being to create a self-sustaining Kazulian economy. Many party members and Members of the Stortinget protested against these changes.

Name ChangeEdit

On 20th April 4352, the party members voted in a referendum to change the party’s name to Det Liberale Nasjonalistpartiet. 71.2% voted aye and 28.8% voted nay.

The Furgerson ReformsEdit

On 1st February 4353, a new party constitution was approved by party Members of the Stortinget, 69 aye to 31 nay. Written by David Furgerson, the Party Leader was granted more power, but at the cost of it being easier to dismiss a leader. The National Executive Commitie became the official highest court of the party. Before, the party Members of the Stortinget have the final say.

Election ResultsEdit

1st IncarnationEdit

Date Seats % of Votes Leader
Aug 4302
0 / 193
0.08 Svein Krag
Aug 4306
10 / 193
5.87 Svein Krag
Nov 4309
9 / 193
5.25 Svein Krag
Nov 4313
24 / 193
11.89 Svein Krag
Nov 4317
11 / 193
6.6 Svein Krag

2nd IncarnationEdit

Date Seats % of Votes Leader
Nov 4347
91 / 450
19.98 Karoline Velde
Feb 4350
100 / 450
21.42 Karoline Velde
June 4353
80 / 450
17.65 Benjamin Skyberg

Statsoverhode Election ResultsEdit

Date Name % of Votes Leader
Nov 4347 Oskar Krag 19.60 Karoline Velde
Feb 4350 Katherine Freberg 21.64 Karoline Velde
June 4353 Alice Borsheim 21.73 Benjamin Skyberg


1st IncarnationEdit

Name Photo Start of Tenure End of Tenure
Svein Krag


11th April 4301 18th December 4317

2nd IncarnationEdit

Name Photo Start of Tenure End of Tenure
Karoline Velde


2nd September 4347 Incumbent

Leadership ElelectionsEdit

1st IncarnationEdit

April 4301

Name Vote %
Svein Krag 100%

2nd IncarnationEdit

September 4347

Name Vote %
Karoline Velde 67.5
Oskar Krag 32.5

April 4352

Due to weak leadership, on 28th January 4352, a no-confidence vote was held on Karoline Velde. Of the 100 KF! members of the Stortinget, 62 voted aye and 38 voted nay. The National Executive Committee then confirmed the motion 14 to 3.

Name Vote %
Sylvia Lund 34.9
Benjamin Skyberg 28.4
Richard Haugland 22.55
Lisa Husby 14.2
Name Vote %
Benjamin Skyberg 58.3
Sylvia Lund 41.7

Statsoverhode PrimariesEdit

March 4347

Name Vote %
Oskar Krag 54.1
Ove Noss 45.9
Name Vote %
Kathrine Freberg 47.1
Oskar Krag 38.1
Edith Heglanbd 14.8

Name Vote %
Kathrine Freberg 53.1
Oskar Krag 46.9