Liberty (Dorvik)
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Liberty Presidential Primary, 4211

  Joe Anderson 1 Fischer
Candidate Joseph Blaustein Ariana Fischer
Party Progress Liberal Conservative Party
Home state Westmark Haldor

Dorvik District Map Plain

A map of electoral regions in Dorvik.
Candidates ordered by number of endorsements.

Previous Candidate before election

Melanie Schafer
Liberal Conservative Party



The Liberty Presidential Primary, 4211 will be an election to decide who is going to be the Liberty alliance's presidential candidate in 4212.

The first candidate to declare was Liselotte Krukenberg, deputy leader of the PZP and Minister for Education and Culture. She was immediately supported by all 27 PZP representatives, meaning she would be the only PZP candidate. A few days later, Araina Fischer, a backbencher and anti-Schroeder LKP member chose to run against her, with the support of 24 of 88 LKP members. The other 64 supported Krukenberg, who gained the endorsement of Hendrietta Schroeder. The third and final candidate to enter the race was Joseph Blaustein of Progress following the completion of the party's selection for their candidate in the primary. Blaustein won the backing from almost the entirety of Progress in the selection, thus he easily made it to the Liberty primaries with the backing of all but three Progress Representatives, two of which instead opted to endorse Fischer; all three of these representatives are members of the Pro-ACO Open Progress faction of the party. Krukenberg withdrew her candidacy after the party left the Liberty Alliacne.

Candidates Edit

Candidate Position(s) Held Representative Endorsements Notable Endorsements
Joe Anderson 1
Joseph Blaustein
Mayor of Lissenfeld (4197-Present)
79 / 186


Christopher Leiner, Arthur Blum, Valentina Schwarzman, Bruno Liebehenschel, Sophie Gehrig, David Henriksen
Ariana Fischer
Representative in the Federal Assembly (4208-Present)

State Government of Kordusia Secretary for Healthcare (4202-4206)
45 / 186


Jonathan Schauble, Patrick Fischer

5 / 186