Federal Republic of Likatonia


Motto: E Pluribus Unum

Anthem: Hail Likatonia!
States in Likatonia
Pirland - Madison - West Bolton
East Bolton - Norwalk
Founded 4023
Capital Clovisport
Largest City Metarie
Language(s) English
Government Type Federal Republic
President Ann Baldwin (SLP)
Secretary of State Martha Mist (SLP)
Chief Justice Alexander Peyton (Independent)
Legislature Congress
Dominant Ethnicity Luthori-Likatonian
Population 99,609,331 (4028 census)
Area 1,230,600 km²
Density/km² 81 people per km² (3374 census)
Drives on the Right
Currency Likath
Internet TLD .lk
Nation ID Number 17

The Federal Republic of Likatonia is a nation located in north-western Seleya. It is bordered to the east by the 2nd Great Democratic Republic of Lodamun and to the south by the People's Republic of Valruzia. Likatonia is made up of five States: Pirland, Madison, East Bolton, West Bolton and Norwalk. The official language is Luthori (English).

History of LikatoniaEdit

The history of Likatonia has been rather violent, mostly due presence of slavery and countless wars. The most notable of these incidents is the Likatonian Revolution, which freed Likatonia from the control of The Holy Luthori Empire, by whom the colonizers of Likatonia (Luthorians, Egelians, Dundorfians, Darnussians etc.) were very heavily taxed by.

Various governments have been successful in progressive movements, despite the traditionally conservative nature of the Likatonian people.

Historical Conflicts Edit

In 4023 the a conflict known as the Likatonian Revolution freed Likatonia from control of the Holy Luthori Empire. Though a majority of the Likatonian population was of Luthori origin, their main reasons for leaving Luthori for Likatonia was the oppressive Luthori government (which then seemed to follow them to their new home). The end of this war signaled a new era for Likatonia.

In 4028 the first Likationian Civil War Ended. It began because the nation was divided on the legality of the slave trade of dark-skinned Talmorian. The western states wanted it to be illegal, while the eastern and northern states needed slaves for their entire economy to function, as it was mainly agricultural. The pro-slave trade states called themselves the Confederacy and the anti-slave trade states called themselves the Union. In 4028, the Union won and slavery was abolished in Likatonia which is remains to this day.

In 4095 the second Likatonian Civil War broke out. This is an ongoing civil war fueled by many things. A main cause to this war was the tense relations between Pirland (a left-wing state) and Madison (a right-wing state). The war broke out after Madison right-wing extremists burned down the capitol building in Chester, Pirland. This caused a chain of events in the second Likatonian Civil War. The war allowed for Norwalk engineers and scientists to begin testing weapons they had been developing. These included new, more efficient flintlock replacements for the previous ones used by the Likatonian Armed Forces and new mortars and Howitzers.

Geography Edit

Likatonia has incredibly diverse geography from the snowy Eastern mountain range to the beaches of the isle of Pirland, the forests of East Bolton and the deserts of southern West Bolton.

To the East is the Snowy Mountain Range that passes through Norwalk, Madison and East Bolton. The mountain range is famous in Norwalk history, and was featured prominently in the various wars between Likatonia and Lodamun over the millennium.

To the South is the Boltonese Forest that extends from the east of West Bolton to the south of East Bolton. The forest is roughly 124,000 km squared.

Military Edit

IMG 1916

Likatonian Union Troops during the 1st Civil War.

Likatonia's military is the Likatonian Armed Forces (LAF). The LAF's High Command is composed of members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a body composed of the service chiefs from each service who advise the President and Secretary of Defense on military matters.

Likatonian Union Ships under heavy fire during the 1st Civil War.

IMG 1924

Likatonian Union Marines landing on beaches during the 1st Civil War.

IMG 1930

Likatonian Coast Guard Ships patrolling the seas during Peacetime.

National High Command:

President of the Nation (Commander-in-chief)

Secretary of Defense

General of the Likatonian Army (LA)

Fleet Admiral of the Likatonian Navy (LN)

General of the Likatonian Marine Corps (LMC)

Commandant of the Likatonian Coast Guard (LCG)

Main Branches of Military:

The LAF is composed of 5 branches that is each represented by a Chief of Staff in the Joint Chiefs of Staff who advises the President andSecretary of Defense on military matters.

Main Branches of the LAF:

-LA (Likatonian Army)

-LN (Likatonian Navy)

-LMC (Likatonian Marine Corps)

-LCG (Likatonian Coast Guard)

The LA is to be responsible for the ground security, and territorial integrity of the state.The LA is composed of 93,000 active personnel and 250,000 (Army Reserve) personnel.

The LN is to be responsible for the maritime security of the state and to protect the state at sea.

The marine corps is to be responsible for providing power projection, using the mobility of the Likatonian Navy to rapidly-deliver combined-arms task forces on land, at sea and in the air.

The coast guard is to be responsible for coastal security and minor naval security.

Composition of the Armed Forces:

Army: 93,000 active; 250,000 (Army Reserve)

Navy: 100,000 active; 150,000 (for Naval Reserve)

Marine Corps: 41,000 active; 61,000 (Marine Corps Reserve)

Coast Guard: 30,000 active; 50,000 (Coast Guard Reserve)


Main rifle: -Rodney Rifle 4016 (Percussion Cap)

Secondary rifle: -Orval Percussion Rifle

Main musket: -Rodney Madison Rifle

Secondary Musket: -Baker & Son Musket

Main side arm: -Orval Model 4017

Secondary Sidearm: -Orval Revolver

Main Shotgun: -Maitland Model 4019 Percussion Cap

~Ground Vehicles~

Main Vehicle: -Steed


Main Cannon: -Polaneo Cannon

Main Howitzer: -Summit Howitzer

~Naval Ships~

Main Naval Ships: -Luthori Galedonia-Class ships

War Ships: -Ironplate warships, USS & CSS class

Politics Edit


Likatonia is a Federal Democratic Republic. Governmental powers in Likatonia are divided into legislative, executive and judiciary branches. The legal system of Likatonia is civil law, strongly influenced, as is the institutional framework.

Presidential Residence in Clovisport, West Bolton.

The President of the Republic is the head of state and cabinet, directly elected to a two-year term.

The government is headed by the President, who has 12 secretaries in charge of particular departments of activity. The executive branch is responsible for proposing legislation and a budget, executing the laws, and guiding the foreign and internal policies of the republic.
National Assembly123

National Assembly of Likatonia

Likatonia has a three-tiered judicial system, made up of the Supreme Court, County courts, and Municipal courts. The Constitutional Court rules on matters regarding the Constitution. In addition there are misdemeanour courts, commercial courts and administrative courts. Law enforcement in Likatonia is the responsibility of the Likatonian Police Force, which is under the control of the Department of State (Internal Affairs) and the Department of Defense

Administrative DivisionEdit

Likatonia, a unitary state, is divided into five first-level administrative states. The states are administrated through directly elected county assemblies who elect the State Governor. The states are then sub-divided into 320 second-level municipalities, which in turn are administrated by directly elected municipal council, headed by a mayor and a small executive cabinet.

State Flag Capital Governor
United states alternate flag 2 by alternatehistory-d7e2004
Chester Mitchell MacAvoy
West Bolton
Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 4.48.31 PM
Clovisport Peter Müller
East Bolton
Metarie Jean-Pierre Andrews
Santa Antonia Joseph Rodriguez
St. Jackson Richard Parsons

Sport in Likatonia Edit

Likatonia enjoys a great sporting heritage, particularly in Likatonian Football (also called Jelbanian Football). The national football team of Likatonia have never won a football match against the Jelbanian team, whom they play annually. The Likatonian national football association is called the Football League of Likatonia (FLL).

Current sporting has turned to Hockey. The Likatonian Hockey League (LHL) has recently started and adopted 15 new teams, including the Clovis Eagles, the Bolton Quails, the St. Jackson Bombers and the Chester Tigers.

Political Parties in LikatoniaEdit


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