Category: Alliance/Cooperation pact Drafted on: March 2187 Proposed By: Likaton Fascist Front
  1. This treaty will become active when ratified by Likatonia and at least one other nation. This treaty will become inactive if either:
    1. Likatonia withdraws from this treaty
    2. Likatonia is the only country within this treaty
  2. It is the declared intent of all parties within this treaty to work to overcome any obstacles to trade between Likatonia and other nations party to this treaty.
  3. It is also the declared intent of all parties of this treaty to work in a spirit of co-operation in times of national crisis, such as natural disasters, invasion by another nation, widespread and prolonged civil unrest. The amount of aid given and received by all nations party to this treaty is a decision that lies with the national governments of said nation. Any nation may refuse to give aid when requested but is encouraged to give aid. Any nation that has ratified this treaty may also refuse to accept foreign aid, unless it is in the form of humanitarian aid.
  4. Members of this agreement are requested to establish an embassy within Likatonia if they do not already have one. Alternatively any nation within this agreement may request another third party nation that is also party to this treaty to attend to their interests through an already established embassy within Likatonia.
  5. Member nations will be encouraged to conduct regular military exercises with Likatonia, either individually or as a larger planned multi nation exercise. The purpose of these exercises will be to foster understanding between Likatonia and other nations and establishing common protocols for military co-operation.
  6. Where disputes arise between Likatonia and other nations party to this agreement, both nations shall arrange for delegates to meet at a mutually agreed location to discuss issues. It is suggested that another non-involved nation that is party to this treaty be used as a venue. In the event that the issue is considered extremely serious by any of the parties, either nation may bring the issue before the United Countries, but not prior to a meeting of delegates as outlined above.
  7. If disputes arise among members of this treaty but not involving Likatonia, Likatonia may attempt to intervene in order to get a peaceful solution, but only with explicit agreement of all other parties concerned. If agreement is not forthcoming in this situation we consider this dispute outside the scope of this agreement.


NationDate of Ratification
The Free Axis Mundi Republic of Central Likatonia July 2189
Christian Duchy of Keymon December 2193
Republica Baltusia September 2194
State of Indrala September 2195
Grand Ascendancy of Gaduridos March 2275
Valruzian Federation March 2283
Republic of Hobrazia February 2284

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