This list details all the Director Generals of the Grand Duchy of Keymon. The Director General is the Head of Government in Keymon but essentially acts as the main international statesman of the nation due to the ceremonial role of the Grand Duke. That being said in the years that the Keymon Ruling Party has controlled the position of Director General the role of the Grand Duke has been much greater.

In 2316 following the assasination of Grand Duke Bryce Leigh VII the ancient monarchy of Keymon was dissolved and replaced with an elected figure of the Grand Duke Elect. The positions was created by merging those of the Grand Duke and Director General. There have been two elected Grand Duke Elects however the second, Wilson Simmons, subsequently declared himself to hold the position for life and cancelled future elections. At the same time he held on to the role of Director General thereby ensuring all power rested in his hands.

In later elections Rocafella Tha Don of the Duchy's People's Party was elected to the position of Grand Duke Elect but Simmons was able to hold onto to that of Director General. This however was seen as the end of the "one person government" and the restoration of a split between the two positions.

Director General Term Began Term Ended Party Length of Term
Brandon Leigh May 2103 May 2127 Keymon Ruling Party 24 Years
Ryan L. Giles May 2127 July 2151 Keymon Libertarian Alliance 24 Years 1 Month
Thomas Malthus July 2151 July 2159 Orange Coalition 8 Years
Alex Keymon July 2159 March 2169 National Front 9 Years 8 Months
Thomas Malthus March 2169 September 2178 Orange Coalition 9 Years 6 Months
Alex Keymon September 2178 July 2183 National Front 4 Years 10 Months
Brandon Leigh July 2183 November 2188 Keymon Ruling Party 5 Years 4 Months
Dr. Algernon Phargle November 2188 September 2189 Christian Democrats 10 Months
Amadee Savoy September 2189 October 2207 Christian Democrats 18 Years 1 Month
Lord Antonio Keymon October 2207 March 2219 Christian Democrats 11 Years 5 Months
Rufio Carmichael March 2219 December 2225 Christian Democrats 6 Years 9 Months
Vivanne Dynamis December 2225 February 2232 Christian Democrats 6 Years 2 Months
Buttoman George February 2232 March 2238 Just as Silly party 6 Years 1 Month
Angel Daniels March 2238 December 2247 Christian Democrats 9 Years 9 Months
Vivanne Dynamis December 2247 December 2249 Christian Democrats 2 Years
Jaques Phargle December 2249 October 2260 Christian Democrats 10 Years 10 Months
Jonah Mallory October 2260 May 2267 Christian Democrats 6 Years 7 Months
Francis Marquis-Duplaix May 2267 November 2277 Progressive Capitalists 10 Years 6 Months
Suzanna Kukai November 2277 July 2283 Axis Mundi Zen Collective 5 Years 8 Months
Alice Watterson July 2283 March 2287 Christian Democrats 3 Years 8 Months
Wilson Simmons March 2287 May 2301 Democratic Industrialists 14 Years 2 Months
Otto Keymon May 2301 March 2315 Christian Democrats 13 Years 10 Months
Wilson Simmons March 2315 May 2316 Democratic Industrialists 1 Year 2 Months
Runahala Gardanas May 2316 May 2321 Keymon Liberation Front (Marxist) 5 Years
Wilson Simmons May 2321 July 2339 Democratic Industrialists 18 Years 2 Months
Paiz Donnad July 2339 February 2346 Octobrists 6 Years 7 Months
Roland De Grey February 2346 December 2378 Keymon Lutherian Party 32 years
Horatio L. Buck December 2378 January 2414 Labour Party 36 years
Phil Harding January 2414 October 2424 The Liberty Organization 9 years 10 months
H. Willard Altos October 2424 April 2433 The Liberty Organization 8 years 6 Months
No Records for Director General April 2433 June 2581 No Records 48 Years 2 Months
Anita Petrof June 2581 June 2587 Lutherans of Keymon 6 Years
Natasha Goldstein June 2587 June 2593 Keymon Capitalist Action 6 Years
Anita Petrof June 2593 October 2600 Lutherans of Keymon 7 Years 4 Months
Natasha Goldstein October 2600 April 2607 Keymon Capitalist Action 6 Years 7 Months
Horatio L. Buck April 2607 February 2621 Labour Party
Unknown February 2621 September 2655
Horatio L. Buck September 2655 May 2671 Labour Party
Timotheus Aurelius May 2671 August 2700 Keymonite Royal Imperium
Horatio L. Buck August 2700 Labour Party


  • Jonah Mallory only served as an Acting Director General following the disappearance of Jaques Phargle.
  • Runahala Gardanas served as Grand Duke Elect whilst the position was merged with that of Director General.
  • Wilson Simmons served as Grand Duke Elect whilst the position was merged with that of Director General from May 2321 until May 2336, from then until July 2339 he served as Director General only.
  • There is currently no record of Director Generals from 2433 to 2581, although it is widely known that the Fig Party's C Major held the seat for quite some time in that lack of history records.


  • Eight individuals have served as Director General on non consecutive occasions: Brandon Leigh, Thomas Malthus, Alex Keymon, Vivanne Dynamis, Anita Petrof, Natasha Goldstien, Horatio L. Buck, and Wilson Simmons.
  • Horatio L. Buck had the longest consecutive term serving as Director spending 36 years in office.
  • Horatio L. Buck has also served the longest amount of time in non-consecutive terms as Director-General, totalling 36 years and 10 months, and still counting. Brandon Leigh has spent the second longest amount of time in the office of Director General over non-consecutive terms, totalling 29 Years and 4 Months.
  • Vivanne Dynamis has had the shortest term of any Director General having had a term of 2 years in 2247. However she previously served over six years in the office meaning that Alice Watterson has spent the least amount of time of all Director Generals in the office.
  • The Christian Democrats have supplied the most Director Generals.
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