Kingdom of Dorvik (1274 - 2000)Edit

Portrait Name Coronation name Reign Special notes
Regismund III von Faust-Essen Regismund I 1274 - 1290 First King of Dorvik, oversaw the binding of modern Dorvik
Regismund IV von Faust-Essen Regismund II 1290 - 1299 Succeed Regismund I, died only 9 years into his reign after a fatal riding accident.
Regismund V von Faust-Essen Regismund III 1299 - 1317 Son of Regismund II
Friedrich Augustus Regismund von Faust-Essen Friedrich Augustus I 1317 - 1350 Son of Regismund III, reigned for 33 years. One of the longest reigning Dorvish Kings, oversaw growth of the Dorvish military.
Friedrich Augustus II von Faust-Essen Friedrich Augustus II 1350 - 1370 Son of Friedrich Augustus I
Wilhelm Theodric I von Faust-Essen Theodoric I 1370 - 1400 Son of Friedrich Augustus II, historian of Ancient Dundorf, took name of ancient Dorvai Chieftan.
Alaric Otto I von Faust-Essen Otto I 1400 - 1427 Son of Theodoric I
Alaric Otto II von Faust-Essen Otto II 1427 - 1449 Son of Otto I
Alaric Otto III von Faust-Essen Otto III 1449 - 1487 Son of Otto II
Wilhelm Theodoric Otto II von Faust-Essen Theodoric II 1487 - 1505 Son of Otto III, considered to be a "Philosopher King" patronized several future large universities in Dorvik and became active in Dundorfian history.
Otto Ricimer I von Faust-Essen Ricimer I 1505 - 1527 Son of Theodoric II, continued patronage of his father but was not as popular.
Ricimer I von Faust-Essen Ricimer II 1527 - 1550 Son of Ricimer I, attempted to curtain power of intellectuals who opposed him towards the end of his reign. Nearly assassinated several times.
Wilhelm Regismund I von Faust-Essen Wilhelm I 1550 - 1589 Son of Ricimer II, broke with his father and began re-patronizing intellectuals and began attempts to involve the Dorvish Kingdom in more international affairs separate from the Dundorfian Reich.
Wilhelm Regismund II von Faust-Essen Wilhelm II 1589 - 1602 Son of Wilhelm I
Wilhelm Regismund III von Faust-Essen Wilhelm III 1602 - 1638 Son of Wilhelm II
Wilhelm Regismund IV von Faust-Essen Wilhelm IV 1638 - 1659 Son of Wilhelm III
Wilhelm Regismund V von Faust-Essen Wilhelm V 1659 - 1699 Son of Wilhelm IV
Regismund VI von Faust-Essen Regismund IV 1699 - 1723 Son of Wilhelm V
Regismund VII von Faust-Essen Regismund V 1723 - 1739 Son of Regismund IV
Regismund VIII von Faust-Essen Regismund VI 1739 - 1759 Son of Regismund V
Regismund X von Faust-Essen Regismund VII 1759 - 1800 Son of Regismund VI
Leopold Regismund I von Faust-Essen Leopold I 1800 - 1826 Son of Regismund VII
Leopold Regismund II von Faust-Essen Leopold II 1826 - 1857 Son of Leopold I
Regismund Osgar I von Faust-Essen Osgar I 1857 - 1879 Son of Leopold II
Alaric Otto IV Otto IV 1879 - 1901 Son of Osgar I
Wilhelm Regismund VI von Faust-Essen Wilhelm VI 1901 - 1927 Son of Otto IV
Wilhelm Regismund VII von Faust-Essen Wilhelm VII 1927 - 1940 Son of Wilhelm VII
Wilhelm Regismund VIII von Faust-Essen Wilhelm VIII 1940 - 1967 Son of Wilhelm VII
Wilhelm Regismund IX von Faust-Essen Wilhelm IX 1967 - 1977 Son of Wilhelm VII, died of cancer on his 10th year.
Wilhelm Regismund X von Faust-Essen Wilhelm X 1977 - 1990 Son of Wilhelm IX
Odacer Regismund I von Faust-Essen Odacer I 1990 - 2000 Son of Wilhelm X, oversaw transition from the Dorvish Kingdom to the Free Republic of Dorvik.

Republican Era (2000 - present)Edit

Portrait Name Coronation name Reign Special notes
Odacer Regismund I von Faust-Essen Odacer I 2000 - 2019 Son of Wilhelm X, oversaw transition from the Dorvish Kingdom to the Free Republic of Dorvik; reigned as the first "pretender" to the Dorvish throne.
Odacer Regismund II von Faust-Essen Odacer II 2019 - 2054 Son of Odacer I.
Ulrich Sigismund I von Faust-Essen Ulrich I 2054 - 2100 Son of Odacer II.
Sigismund I von Faust-Essen Sigismund I 2100 - 2122 Son of Ulrich I.
Ulrich Sigismund II von Faust-Essne Ulrich II 2100 - 2175 Son of Sigismund I.
Sigismund Augustus I von Faust-Essen Sigismund II 2122 - 2140 Son of Ulrich II.
Sigismund Maria Augustus I von Faust-Essen Sigismund III 2140 - 2200 Son of Sigismund II
Sigismund Augustus II von Faust-Essen Sigismund IV 2200 - 2243 Son of Sigismund III
Regismund Osgar II von Faust-Essen Osgar II 2243 - 2284 Son of Sigismund IV
Regismund Osgar III von-Faust-Essen Osgar III 2284 - 2300 Son of Osgar II
Regismund Osgar IV von-Faust-Essen Osgar IV 2300 - 2341 Son of Osgar III
Regismund Osgar V von-Faust-Essen Osgar V 2341 - 2389 Son of Osgar IV
Valamer Augustus I von Faust-Essen Valamer I 2389 - 2417 Son of OSgar V
Augustus Maria I von Faust-Essen Augustus I 2417 - 2437 Son of Valamer I
Augustus Valamar Maria I von Faust-Essen Valamer II 2437 - 2477 Son of Augustus I
Augustus Regismund I von Faust-Essen Augustus II 2477 - 2483 Son of Valamer II
Augustus Regismund II von Faust-Essen Augustus III 2483 - 2509 Son of Augustus II
Augustus Regismund III von Faust-Essen Augustus IV 2509 - 2532 Son of Augustus III
Sigismund Maria Augustus II von Faust-Essen Sigismund V 2532 - 2571 Son of Augustus IV
Sigismund Maria Augustus III von Faust-Essen Sigismund VI 2571 - 2602 Son of Sigismund V
Odacer Regismund III von Faust-Essen Odacer III 2602 - 2639 Son of Sigismund VI
Odacer Regismund IV von Faust-Essen Odacer IV 2639 - 2671 Son of Odacer III
Odacer Regismund V von Faust-Essne Odacer V 2671 - 2706 Son of Odacer IV
Ulrich Sigismund II von Faust-Essen Ulrich II 2706 - 2722 Son of Odacer V
Ulrich Sigismund III von Faust-Essen Ulrich III 2722 - 2763 Son of Ulrich II
Viaricus Ludwig I von Faust-Essen Viaricus I 2763 - 2800 Son of Ulrich III
Ulrich Sigismund IV von Faust-Essen Ulrich IV 2800 - 2832 Son of Viaricus I
Viaricus Ludwig II von Faust-Essen Viaricus II 2832 - 2854 Son of Ulrich IV
Viaricus Ludwig III von Faust-Essen Viaricus III 2854 - 2896 Son of Viaricus II
Sigesar Claus I von Faust-Essen Sigesar I 2896 - 2929 Son of Viaricus III
Sigesar Claus II von Faust-Essen Sigesar II 2929 - 2941 Son of Sigesar I
Ludwig Xaver I von Faust-Essen Ludwig I 2941 - 2970 Son of Sigesar II
Ludwig Xaver II von Faust-Essen Ludwig II 2970 - 3001 Son of Ludwig I
Ludwig Xaver III von Faust-Essen Ludwig III 3001 - 3045 Son of Ludwig II
Ludwig Xaver IV von Faust-Essen Ludwig IV 3045 - 3076 Son of Ludwig III
Leopold Regismund III von Faust-Essen Leopold III 3076 - 3094 Son of Ludwig IV
Leopold Regismund IV von Faust-Essen Leopold IV 3094 - 3110 Son of Ludwig III
Heinrich Leopold I von Faust-Essen Heinrich I 3110 - 3133 Son of Leopold IV
Odacer von Vinisk - Royal Portrait
Odacer Regismund VI von Faust Essen Odacer VI 3133 - 3199 Son of Heinrich I
Alaric Otto V von Faust-Essen Otto V 3199 - 3251 Son of Odacer VI
Regismund Osgar VI von Faust-Essen Osgar VI 3251 - 3264 Son of Otto V
Alaric Woldemar I von Faust-Essen Alaric I 3264 - 3284 Son of Osgar VI
Wilhelm Regismund XI von Faust-Essen Wilhelm XI 3284 - 3338 Son of Alaric I
Ulrich Sigismund V von Faust-Essen Ulrich V 3338 - 3352 Son of Wilhelm XI
Odacer Regismund VII von Faust-Essen Odacer VII 3352 - 3397 Son of Ulrich V
Gunther Maria I von Faust-Essen Gunther I 3397 - 3420 Son of Odacer VII
Dieter Xaver I von Faust-Essen Dieter I 3420 - 3450 Son of Gunther I
Leopold Regismund V von Faust-Essen Leopold V 3450 - 3462 Son of Dieter I
Wilhelm XI of Dorvik
Wilhelm Regismund XII von Faust-Essen Wilhelm XII 3462 - 3495 Son of Leopold V, crowned as the first "modern" King of Dorvik.
Otto V
Alaric Otto VI von Faust-Essen Otto VI 3495 - 3501 Son of Wilhelm XII. Otto VI oversaw the transition from monarchy to the creation of the Dorvish Federation, died a year after collapse of the monarchy.
Alaric Otto VII von Faust-Essen Otto VII 2501 - 3554 Son of Otto VI
Alaric Otto VIII von Faust-Essen Otto VIII 3554 - 3576 Son of Otto VII. The House of Wachtenhofen-Schillefeld was selected by the Privy Council to take over the throne due to a political row which erupted between the House of Faust-Essen and the Privy Council.
Friedrich I von Wachtenhofen-Schillefeld Friedrich I 3576 - 3600 First ruler in the von Wachtenhofen-Schillefeld line.
Konstantin Friedrich I von Wachtenhofen-Schillefeld Konstantin I 3600 - 3626 Son of Friedrich I, dethroned by a dictatorship coming to power. Last ruling Dorvish King; right to the title of King of Dorvik was passed back to the House of Faust-Essen through vote of the Privy Council.
Dieter Xaver II von Faust-Essen Dieter II 3626 - 3651 Great-Great Grandson of Otto VIII
Dieter Xaver III von Faust-Essen Dieter III 3651 - 3674 Son of Dieter II
Leopold Regismund VI von Faust-Essen Leopold VI 3674 - 3701 Son of Dieter III
Hosian Augustus I von Faust-Essen Hosian I 3701 - 3729 Son of Leopold VI
Hosian Augustus II von Faust-Essen Hosian II 3729 - 3751 Son of Hosian I
Alaric Woldemar II von Faust-Essen Alaric II 3751 - 3798 Son of Hosian II
Hosian Augustus III von Faust-Essen Hosian III 3798 - 3832 Son of Alaric II
Hosian Augustus IV von Faust-Essen Hosian IV 3832 - 3859 Son of Hosian III
Hosian Augustus V von Faust-Essen Hosian V 3859 - 3887 Son of Hosian IV
Ulrich Sigismund VI von Faust-Essen Ulrich VI 3887 - 3917 Son of Hosian V
Wilhelm Theodric II von Faust-Essen Theodoric II 3917 - 3934 Son of Ulrich VI
Friedrich Augustus III von Faust-Essen Friedrich Augustus III 3934 - 3959 Son of Theodoric II
Wilhelm Theodric III von Faust-Essen Theodoric III 3959 - 3987 Son of Friedrich Augustus III
Wilhelm Theodric IV von Faust-Essen Theodoric IV 3987 - 4010 Son of Theodoric III
Wilhelm Theodric V von Faust-Essen Theodoric V 4010 - 4058 Son of Theodoric IV. Brother Vithmiris Odacer von Faust-Essen served as State Chancellor of the Dorvish Republic and as a Major in the Dorvish Army.
Friedrich Augustus IV von Faust-Essen Friedrich Augustus IV 4058 - 4093 Son of Theodoric V
Wilhelm Friedrich Augustus I von Faust-Essen Wilhelm Augustus I 4093 - 4127 Son of Friedrich Augustus IV
Wilhelm Friedrich Augustus II von Faust-Essen Wilhelm Augustus II 4127 - 4153 Son of Wilhelm Augustus I
Wilhelm Friedrich Augustus III von Faust-Essen Wilhelm Augustus III 4153 - 4191 Son of Wilhelm Augustus II
Woldemar Odacer I von Faust-Essen Odacer VIII 4191 - 4232 Son of Wilhelm Augustus III
Florian Wilhelm Regismund I von Faust-Essen Florian I 4232 - 4264 Son of Woldemar Odacer I, resigned in favor of his son and Crown Prince Regismund Augustus who would become Dundorfian Kaiser.
Regismund Augustus I von Faust-Essen Regismund IV (Dorvik)
Regismund I (Dundorfian Reich)
4264 - 4294 Son of Florian I, became first Dorvish King and member of Faust-Essen family to become Dundorfian Kaiser.
Regismund Augustus II von Faust-Essen Regismund V (Dorvik)
Regismund II (Dundorfian Reich)
4294 - 4336 Son of Regismud IV, second Faust-Essen to hold the title of Dundorfian Kaiser.
Ludwig Regismund Augustus I von Faust-Essen Ludwig V (Dorvik)
Ludwig IV (Dundorfian Reich)
4336 - Present Son of Regismund V, third Faust-Essen to be elected Dundorfian Kaiser.