A list of past and present parties of the Valruzian Federation which has held at least a seat in the Federal Consortium.

Active PartiesEdit

Former PartiesEdit

PartyLast election participated
National Front Party June 2407 Valruzian National Party June 2394
Nationalist Liberal Alliance February 2393
True Left Wing September 2382
Christian Holiness Socialist Party February 2372
United People's Party August 2355
True Valruzians February 2344
Dharma Commonwealth Party February 2341
United Valruzian Minarchists February 2332
Nuncirist Valruzia February 2332
Restoration Party February 2332
Radical Socialist Front August 2296
Valruzian Republican Party March 2279
Libertarian Party of Valruzia February 2262
Liberal-Conservitives February 2254
AM (Socialist Anarchist Love) Coalition November 2240
Free Radicals November 2240
Axis Mundi Communist Party November 2236
Temujin July 2214
Alliance for Natural Law July 2198
Deadly Buzz Party July 2198
Zuman Independence Party July 2178
Social-Liberty Party July 2170
Communist Party July 2162
Economic Progress Party July 2154
Conservative Party of Valruzia February 2121
Progressive Labor Party February 2102
Red and Green Bloc December 2081
Red Arglon-Hulbark Liberation Front December 2072
Centrist Democratic Party February 2060
Neo-Socialist Party February 2060
Cult of Ril February 2050
Green Humanists February 2050
Ligati Party February 2050
Aigle Party July 2037
nakigara Party July 2037

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