In 2171 Ioannes Lombas, a professor in Political Theories at the University of Ostgrad, founded a new party. Prof. Lombas had studied political theories for over twenty years, and could not agree with any of the mainstream party ideologies in Mordusia at the time. Therefore, with the help of some colleagues, he decided to participate in the elections.

The party did well, and after the sudden death of the founder in 2196, aged 70, his wife, Elisabeth, succeeded him and became the first member of the party to be elected President of Mordusia. The Lombasianist Party, as the party was known at the time, embraced the thoughts of Ioannes Lombas and named their ideology "Lombasianism" - a mix of libertarianism, laissez-faire capitalism, conservatism and benevolent elitism.

Throughout Terra, the Pillar of the People is the largest proponent.

In most cases, adherents to the philosophy of Lombasianism abhor using terms like "left" and "right", often preferring the neutral "broad center".

In 2566 Lombasianism was defined as "poetic anarchist elitism" by former Speaker of the Pillar of the People Mey de Saer.

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