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Louis Medris Mederagaar, House of Mederagaar

Louis Medris Mederagaar (Born May 8th of 3278) is the 12th head of the House of Mederagaar, and the current Patriarch of the Mederisite-Associated Revisionist Council. (M.A.R.C.

Rise to PowerEdit

Following the early death of his father Aloysius in 3290, the Mederisite-Associated Revisionist Council fell apart without a Mederagaar to oversee party relations. The party split in a schism which created two factions, either the M.A.R.C. Guard led by Fleet Admiral Daniel Fox or the Pontesi Liberation Union (P.L.U.) which was led by Benedict Klein, formerly of the M.A.R.C. Without a clear leader, the two parties became increasingly hostile in political action until finally fighting broke out in the rebuilt Parliment building which had been reconstructed by Robert Medris Mederagaar years before. Louis Mederagaar, the son of the deceased Mederagaar, up until that point had been too young to assume command over the party. The party remained split until 3301, when the 23 year old Louis was named Patriarch of the M.A.R.C. by Fleet Admiral Daniel Fox. Former Chairman Benedict Klein agreed to the appointment and the party was reunified yet again under a common banner.