Lt Col Lord Alexander Severus
Lt Col Lord Alexander Severus
Born 21 May, 2282
Birth Place Venora, Celania, Kundrati Union
Died n/a
Political Party Kundrati Liberal Democrats
Party Positions Defence Minister
Previous Party Positions Shadow Defence Minister
Time as Defence Minister 2332- Now
Time as Shadow Defence Minister 2317- 2332
Constituency Pilgon
Years in the Kundrati Senate 2317-present

Lt Col Severus left the Kundrati Army prior to winning a seat in the Kundrati Senate. He is a declarated hero from the Axis wars that affected theKundrati Union two decades before. If not known he is also a member of the old Celeske Royal Family, He has the name Severus a descendant marrying and changing their name. He had a lavish life aslo, as by an accord with the Kundrati Union Government the Royal Edict of the Kundrati Union leaving the Royal family to keep all of their properties and assets.

Defence CareerEdit

Lt Col Severus is a friend of Ret Col Frederick Barbarossa in which he served as an assistant to him when Col Frederick Barbarossa was a defence aide to the Consul

Political Career Edit

Lt Col Severus is a friend of Ret Col Frederick Barbarossa and Admiral Lord Gregorov Celeske III. He has been influential in defence policy as he has debated bills on privatising the military and limiting the Governmant powers over the military.

He has gaurenteed himself a spot within the Shadow Cabinet for now

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