Luke Avean z'Dragchon, or LAzD was the founder and long time co-leader of the Anarchist Party, and one time prime minister of Valruzia, under the presidency of Kayanh Odanaroh.


Early LifeEdit

Luke was born in Dugathan to Nara z'Dragchon and Alnhyil ha'Kanyua.

His early life involved many trips to the family estate on the coast of Hulbark.


As the eldest descendent for 3 generations in a line descended from the long dispossessed House of z'Dragchon, LAzD would have had a fairly good claim on the prinicipality were it restored, and a good reason for backing the Restoration party (the house had been dispossessed by previous generations of monarchists, but the contmporary ones were desperate).

Nevertheless, when LAzD enter politics as pre-teen at 12, he started as an Anarchist. He founded his own party in Dugthan and Hulbark, and through contacts campaigned in the other three states of Valruzia for several years, familiarizing himself with the voters.

Much to everybody's surprise, this party gained 2,279,653 votes (13.41% of the total) and 25 seats in August of 2067, the first election in which it participated. LAzD himself gained 2,654,445 votes, or 15.14% of the total in his run This can be attributed in part perhaps to have the novelty of a teenage anarchist from the family that he came from. Nevertheless, the next election would prove the party's platform to be popular.

Shortly after the election, Gairehn ne'Cebant, who had joined the Anarchist Party and was awarded a seat led a coup, convincing members that the success wasn't nearly enough. He seized the party leadership and instated an unkown: another adolescent, Kayanh Odanaroh (two years younger than LAzD), as the presidential candidate. Records indicate that he never expected the AP would win the presidency.

When Kayanh Odanaroh won the election, she lead a counter-coup and instated LAzD as her prime minister.

Eventually, a consortium of LAzD, Odanaroh, Anar Iyla Towan, and Kenish Danazh (author of Valruzia's national anthem) took control of the party.

Later LifeEdit

LAzD continued to lead the party for almost a century, in conjunction with Odanaroh and Towan, and a third, changing member.

In November 2128 LAzD and Odanaroh resigned from the Tetraumvurate. Towan and Irel vi'Sola assumed the Chairmanship, and turned the party over to Acala vi'Valza and Talacka Odanaroh, nephew of former president Kayanh.

LAzD was then cyrogenically frozen, and is now a cult object for members of the Alliance for Natural Law.

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