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Welcome to ParticracyWiki
The game tutorial can be found here.
The official wiki for the online game Particracy.
The game and forums are ONLINE.

Regardless, the IRC ( is always up and running (channel name: #particracy)! (note: the IRC is entirely unofficial)

ParticracyWiki currently contains 10,567 articles. That's more than the entire Māori Wikipedia.
ParticracyWiki contains many articles intended to add some background to the nations in the world of Terra, the parties striving for power in the nations and the interesting characters their various histories have allowed to come to the fore. In addition, pages about the players behind the parties and articles are also here. There are many ways in which you can contribute to the project.

General Information


International relations

There are different types of international relations:


Each nation can have a maximum of 8 parties in its legislature (unless older parties reactivate). A list of all parties with wiki pages can be found here.

Illustrated Guides

To know more about the Particracy world, visit these illustrated catalogues: Illustrated Catalogue of Religion, Illustrated Catalogue of Political Ideologies, Illustrated Catalogue of the Terran Defense Industries.


Please come and join the partyicracy community on the IRC! Go to and click "Chat Now" on the top right, enter the information and join on us #Particracy. You can download any number of IRC clients by simply googling them. Personal recommendation is mIRC.

Featured article

Artanian Infrastructure Investment Bank

The Artanian Infrastructure Investment Bank (Dundorfian: Artanisch Infrastruktur Investitionsbank) is an international financial institution which aims to support the building of infrastructure throughout the Artanian continent. The AIIB, as it is commonly known, is a branch of the Artanian Union and is governed by the President of the Artanian Infrastructure Investment Bank and a Board of Directors which is composed of one member from each member state of the Artanian Union. These members are usually representatives from the member states' Ministry of Finance or others appointed by the head of state or government.

Other featured articles: Great Majatran War - First Narik War - Yazdism

PT Wiki News

  • Join the discussion on the leadership of the ParticracyWiki here!

Collaborations and notes

Bureaucrat and Administrator news

  • Make sure that pages are categorized correctly and using the correct template for the right reason.
  • Suggest ideas for new categories and templates.
For the complete list of categories, see here

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