Majatra 2463
Area 13,793,400 km²
Population 1,495,234,146
Demonym Majatran
Countries 16 (list of countries)
Languages Majatran, Augustan, Jelbek and a dozen others


Majatra is one of the eight continents on Terra. It is located in the southern hemisphere of the globe.

Nations Edit

Majatra 2463

The nations of Majatra (2463)

Majatra is the home continent of the following nations:

# Formal Name Abbr. Population Area
1 Beit new Eretz Beiteinu Beiteynu 99,703,437 940,200 km²
2 PontesiFlag Pontesian Democratic Republic Pontesi 99,742,397 758,400 km²
3 Selucia new flag Res Publica Seluciae Selucia 99,965,667 369,900 km²
4 Cildania new flag Most Serene Cildanian Union Cildania 99,710,195 895,800 km²
5 Bad Flag Sultanate of Al'Badara Badara 99,561,120 488,400 km²
6 Kaf Flag Democratic People's Republic of Kafuristan Kafuristan 99,584,990 918,900 km²
7 RepubblicaIstalianaFlag Istalian Republic Istalia 99,618,114 669,600 km²
8 Solentia flag Democratic Republic of Solentia Solentia 99,663,163 927,600 km²
9 Wantuni-Flag1 Revolutionary Republic of Kalopia Kalopia-Wantuni 99,585,192 1,147,200 km²
10 Sultanate of United Jakania Sultanate of United Jakania Jakania 99,733,880 919,500 km²
11 250px-Deltaria2170 Great Czardom of Deltaria Deltaria 99,623,685 1,739,100 km²
12 Coburaflag Democratic Republic of Cobura Cobura 99,671,214 1,006,500 km²
13 Augustan Zardugal Federation of Zardugal Zardugal 99,667,570 1,065,300 km²
14 Jelbek horseman flag Khanate of Jelbania Jelbania 99,723,863 1,369,500 km²
15 Vanukufederalflag Crowned Republic of Vanuku Vanuku 99,767,568 639,600 km²
16 Iritrium flag Republic of Barmenia Barmenia 99,497,081 856,800 km²


Main article: History of Majatra

Geography and ClimateEdit

Given the large and spread out nature of the continent, a huge range of geographical and climatic features lay across the Majatran continent.




The languages of Majatra largely fall within three major language families, namely the Qedarite, Jelbo-Tukaric, and Superseleyan language families. The Qedarite language family arrived in Majatra as a result of the Qedarite Migrations, and is the most widely spoken language family on the continent; the Qedarite languages are spoken almost exclusively in Majatra. The second largest language family in Majatra by number of speakers is the Jelbo-Tukaric family, originating in Seleya and with speakers on three continents (Seleya, Majatra, and Keris). The third largest language family is the Superseleyan family, also originating in Seleya, and which is by far the most widely spoken language family on Terra. Most Superseleyan languages spoken in Majatra belong to the Enetric branch, with the Delic and Rhaetan branches also represented.

  • Qedarite language family
  • Western Qedarite
  • Southern Qedarite
  • Jelbo-Tukaric language family
  • Jelbic
  • Turjak
  • Superseleyan language family
  • Enetric
  • Selucic
  • Kalopic
  • Delic
  • Tokundian
  • Daralazindian
  • Rhaetan
  • Northern Rhaetan
  • Southern Rhaetan
  • Vanukeaans

Majatran OrganizationsEdit

The continent of Majatra has always been home to notions of Pan-Majatranism and there exists widespread sentiment for increased cooperation and connectivity among the populace. However, the ideology of Pan-Majatranism takes many and often times contradictory forms. Currently there are two main Majatran organizations: the Majatran Union and the Majatran Security Cooperation Organization.

Nations of Majatra

New Badara Flag Al'Badara | Barmenistan flag 2150 and 2325 Barmenia | Beiteynu Flag Beiteynu | New cildania flag Cildania | SvgFileServiced=6&c1=2&c2=1&c3=1&o=5&c4=3&s=16&c5=1 Cobura | Deltariaflag Deltaria
Jakania rep Jakania | Jelbek horseman flag Jelbania | New Kafuristan Flag Kafuristan | Kalopia wantuni flag Kalopia-Wantuni | Pontesifree Pontesi | Italia Istalia
Selucia new flag Selucia | Solentia new Solentia | Vanukurepublicanflag Vanuku | Augustan Zardugal Zardugal

Continents of Terra
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