Category: Alliance Drafted on: November 2161 Proposed By: Union of Progressive Ulama
"An injury to one is an injury to all."
Throught Terra there are forces which seek the destruction of the Majatran peoples. But together, the Majatran peoples are strong enough to defend each other from the forces of racism and fascism.
The signatories agree to a defensive alliance. No signatory shall attack another member of the pact.
If one member is attacked, the other members agree to provide some form of assistance, whether it be military, economic or other. There is no requirement to assist a signatory launching an aggressive war against a non-signatory, however.
This alliance will form a military defence pact to supplement the South Ocean Treaty Organization. Signatories may choose to extend their defensive umbrella over any SOTO member to ensure the security of the Majatran Ocean.


NationDate of Ratification
Selucian Empire January 2169
Disputed Territories of Beiteynu and Gran Tadraki June 2174
State of Indrala March 2182
Union of Vanuku May 2278
Repubblica Istaliana May 2317

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