Majatran sea

The Majatran Sea is a marginal sea of the South Ocean. It borders almost all nations within the continent of Majatra, which it derives its name from. Although it does not have a natural border with any other body of water, the Grand Canal in Vanuku connects it to the Red Bass Ocean.


The various names given to the Majatran Sea can be seen in the table below.

Language Name Transliteration
Majatran البحر الماجةتران al-Baḥr al-Ma'atran
Cildanian הים הקדרי HaYam HaQedari
Yeudi הים המעטרי HaYam HaMa'atri
Selucian Mare Cedarenum
Deltarian Mažatrasko Morje
Istalian Il Mare Magiatrano
Kalopian Ο Μαγάτρος Θάλασσα O Maghatros Thalassa
Jelbic Mjtré Hydwas


The Majatran Sea is surrounded by the Majatran archipelago and mainland. As a result, almost all Majatran nations have coastline which borders the sea. Specifically: Pontesi, Selucia, Cildania, Al'Badara, Kafuristan, Kalopia, Deltaria, Jelbania, Vanuku and Barmenistan.

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