Majatra Location
Area 13,793,400 km²
Population 1,495,234,146
Demonym Majatran
Countries 16 (list of countries)
Languages Majatran, Augustan, Jelbek and a dozen others

Majatra is one of the eight continents of Terra. It is located in the southern hemisphere of the globe, to the south of Artania, the east of Vascania, and the west of Seleya.

Nations (4347) Edit

Flag Name Ruling party Ideology Head of Gvt. Location
YeudishFlag Beiteynu Herut ‬ח‬) חרות‬) Right Beiteynu Location
Newpontesiflag2 Pontesi United Communist Party of Pontesi Left Pontesi Location
Selucia new flag Selucia In Marea-Civis Sinistram

In Tide-Citizens Left

Center-left Selucia Location
Cildania Flag 4200 Cildania Cildania National Congress Center-left Cildania Location
Imageedit 4 3489229395 Badara al-baharia terra Center-left Badara Location
New Kafuristan Flag Kafuristan Hizb Almuhafizin Center-right Kafuristan Location
RepubblicaIstalianaFlag Istalia Unione dei Liberal Democratici - F.L.
Union of Liberal Democrats
Center-Right Istalia Location
Solentia new Solentia Solentian Nationalist People's Party Far-right Solentia Location
Winter-Spring Tree Flag Variant 3 Kalopia Partia e Reformës (PR/KM/RP)
Reform Party
Right Kalopia Location
Newflagofjakania Jakania Cakan Devrimci Partisi Center-left Jakania Location
Deltaria Des Deltaria Modrá Thalleristická Aliancia
Blue Thallerist Alliance
Right Deltaria Location
Coburaalternate1 Cobura Huia Center-left Cobura Location
National Flag of Zardugal Zardugal People's partio
People's Party
Center-left Zardugal Location
Jelbek horseman flag Jelbania H'ankai Center-right Jelbania Location
Vanukufederalflag Vanuku Jezhrje Knstatak Prta
Greater Nationalist Party
Right Vanuku Location
Sltnknstat Brme flag Barmenistan Knsé Isht'jogadé Prta Center-right Barmenistan Location