The Malivian Military contains the branches of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Logistical Corps.

Overview Edit

Organization Edit

The Malivian Military is the first of two organisations within the Defense Ministry which is tasked with the defense of the nation, the sovereign and his interests, and from foreign elements.

The Ministry of Defense, is the organ of government in charge of both the security and the defense of Malivia and is divided into :

  • Army
  • Infantry
    • Armor
    • Aviation
    • Corps of Engineers
    • Chemical Corps
    • Military Police Corps
    • Field Artillery
    • Air Defense Artillery
    • Special Forces
    • Civil Affairs Corps
    • Psychological Operations
    • Signal Corps
    • Military Intelligence Corps
    • Strategic Missile Troops
    • The Guard
  • Navy
    • Navy Marines
    • Navy Air force
  • Air Force
    • Air force Paratrooper
  • Logistical Corps
    • Ordnance Corps
    • Transportation Corps
    • Military commissariat
    • Finance Corps
    • Army Medical Department
The Army Chief of the Army Staff The Army consists of 400.000 troops of them being 220.000 active troops in 22 divisions and 190.000 in reserve.
The Navy Chief of the Admiralty The Navy consists of 180.000 troops of them being 75.000 active and 85.000 in reserve plus 20.000 Malivian Marines.
The Air Force Chief of the Air Staff The Air Force consists of 185.000 troops of them being 90.000 active and 75.000 in reserve plus 20.000 Malivian paratroopers.
The Hitam "Last" Guard Chief of the Guard The Guard consists of 10.000 troops in active or semi active duty who reside in the Capital and protect it.
Strategic Missile Troops Chief of Strategic Missile Troops No nuclear capabilities but able to launch ballistic missiles.
Logistical Corps Chief of Logistics The Logistical Corps compromises more than 60.000 men and women taking care of all administrative and logistical requirements needed to run the Malivian Armed forces and 3 field divisions of 30.000th men and women.

Division Structure Edit

  • Marines
    • 501st Marine Division
    • 112th Marine Division
  • Airborne
    • 9th Airborne Division
    • 44th Airborne Division
  • Armoured
    • 31st Armoured Division
    • 32nd Armoured Division
    • 43rd Armoured Division
    • 44th Armoured Division
  • Infantry
    • 4th Division
    • 5th Division
    • 6th Division
    • 7th Division
    • 8th Division
    • 9th Division
    • 10th Division
    • 11th Division
    • 14th Division
    • 17th Division
    • 19th Division
    • 20th Division
    • 21st Division
    • 23rd Division
    • 25th Division
    • 26th Division
    • 34th Division
    • 36th Division
    • 1st Guard Division
  • Long-range Supply
    • 3rd Division
  • Training
    • 14th Division
    • 39th Division
  • Deception / Lines of Communication
    • 2nd Division
    • 12th Division

Doctrine Edit

Malivian military commanders derive their military expertise from a modernized deep battle tactics and guerrilla jungle warfare.

Equipment, uniforms , Vehicles and ranks Edit

Formations&Ranks Edit

  • Fireteam: A fire team is a small military sub-subunit of infantry designed to optimize "bounding over watch" and "fire and movement" tactical doctrine in combat.Depending on mission requirements, a typical fireteam consists of 4 or fewer members; an assistant automatic rifleman, an automatic rifleman, a rifleman, and a designated team leader; the role of each fireteam leader is to ensure the fireteam operates as a cohesive unit. Two fireteams are organized into a squad.
  • Squad: the basic unit consisting of 12 combatants.
  • Guerrilla/Platoon: consists of two squads.
  • Company: consists of two platoons.
  • Column/Battalion: consists of two or more companies.
  • Front/Brigade: consists of more than one battalion.
  • Block of Fronts/Division: consists of five or more brigade. It co-ordinates and unifies the activity of the brigade in a specific zone of the country.
  • Corps : an operational formation, sometimes known as a field corps, which consists of two or more divisions.
  • Field army: is a military formation in many armed forces, composed of two or more corps and may be subordinate to an army group.
  • Theater: In warfare, a theater is an area or place in which important military events occur or are progressing.
  • Central High Command: coordinates the armed forces of the country.

Traditional ranking structure followed by the Army and MARA:

  • Corporal second class
  • Corporal first class
  • Sergeant second class
  • Sergeant first class/ Staff Sergeant
  • Sergeant Major
  • Sub-lieutenant / Second Lieutenant
  • Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • Major
  • Lieutenant Colonel
  • Colonel
  • Brigadier General
  • Major General
  • General

Equipment Edit

  • Individual equipment always carried
    • Personal weapon
    • Personal defense weapon (Pistol)
    • Military multipurpose knife
    • MOLLE webbing and load carrying systems
    • Layered Sleep System: sleeping bag, liners, bivy sack, etc 
    • Personal Hydration System
    • Helmet
    • IFAK: Personal first aid kit
    • Night vision devices
    • Gas mask
    • ECWCS: parka, liner, thermals, etc 
    • Uniform: blouse, trousers, combat shirt, underwear, boots, socks, protective gloves, etc
    • Eye Protection: given to the soldier
    • Joint Protection: knee and elbow pads
    • Ear Protection
    • Communications device: varies
    • PRB: Personal locator beacon 

Ground vehiclesEdit


Name Quantity Nation of Origin Notes
Tangki perisai I Sold to Valruzia Malivia Tangki perisai I Details
Tangki perisai II Sold to Badara Malivia Tangki perisai II Details
Tangki perisai IIc Refurbished to support models Malivia Tangki perisai IIc Details
Tangki perisai III ~1000(720+ Actual) Malivia Tangki perisai III Details

Armored fighting vehiclesEdit

Name Type Quantity Origin Notes
Kereta perisai I Armored personnel carrier None/Upgraded Malivia Kereta perisai I Details
Kereta perisai II Armored personnel carrier None/Upgraded Malivia Kereta perisai II Details
Kereta perisai CB Armored personnel carrier ~1000 Malivia Kereta perisai CB Details
Kereta perisai IIa being upgraded Armored personnel carrier ~567 Malivia Kereta perisai IIa Details
Kereta perisai IIab Armored personnel carrier ~33 Malivia Kereta perisai IIab Details
Kereta Pertempuran I Infantry combat vehicle Sold to Badara Malivia Kereta Pertempuran I Details
Kereta Pertempuran II Infantry combat vehicle ~850 Malivia Kereta Pertempuran II Details
Kereta Pertempuran III Infantry combat vehicle ~28 Malivia Kereta Pertempuran III Details
Kereta Pertempuran IIIF Airborne combat vehicle ~3 Malivia Kereta Pertempuran IIIF Details

Utility and logistics vehiclesEdit

Name Type Quantity Origin Notes
Kereta dantili I Armored bridge layer ~60 Malivia Kereta dantili I Details
Kereta dontili I Armored recovery vehicle ~120 Malivia Kereta dontili I Details
Kereta utiliti I (Retired by army/Used by MARA) Infantry Mobility Vehicle ~700 Malivia Kereta utiliti I Details
Kereta senjata Armored weapons carrier (National Guard only) ~400 Malivia Kereta senjata Details
Kereta utiliti II All-terrain transport vehicle ~10000 in different versions Malivia
Variants : | Kereta utiliti IIa | Kereta utiliti IIb | Kereta utiliti IIc


Towed artilleryEdit

Name Quantity Origin Notes
Kereta badam I ~1400 Malivia Kereta badam I Details
Kereta badam II ~1000 Malivia Kereta badam II Details

Self-propelled artilleryEdit

Name Quantity Origin Notes
Kereta meriam I Sold to Badara Malivia Kereta meriam I Details
Kereta meriam udara Decommissioned and scrapped Malivia Kereta meriam udara Details
Kereta meriam udara II ~2 Malivia Kereta meriam udara II Details
Kereta meriam II ~1 Prototype Malivia Kereta meriam II Details

Rocket artilleryEdit

Name Quantity Origin Notes
Kereta roket I ~32 being upgraded Malivia Kereta roket I Details
Kereta roket Ib ~4 Malivia Kereta roket Ib Details

Air defense weaponsEdit

Name Type Quantity Origin Notes
Reda I Anti-aircraft gun ~800 Malivia Reda I Details
Reda II Anti-aircraft gun ~300 Malivia Reda II Details
Reah I Tracked SAM system ~172 Malivia Reah I Details
Reah II Long-range SAM system ~16 Malivia Reah II Details
Roah I Transportable SAM system ~35 Malivia Roah I Details



Aircraft Origin Type In service Notes
Ye-155 Malivia Interceptor All decommissioned and scrapped Ye-155 Details
Ye-255 Malivia Interceptor ~250 Ye-255 Details
Ye-355 Malivia Interceptor ~130 Ye-355 Details


Aircraft Origin Type In service Notes
De-55 Malivia All-weather attack aircraft ~300 De-55 Details
De-155 Malivia Close air support ~160 De-155 Details


Aircraft Origin Type In service Notes
Ye-52 Malivia Trainer ~100 Ye-52 Details
Ye-89 Malivia Advanced trainer/Light fighter ~30 Ye-89 Details


Aircraft Origin Type In service Notes
Ye-48 Malivia AWCAS ~6 Ye-48 Details
Ye-99 Malivia Command and control aircraft ~2 Ye-99 Details
Ye-90 Malivia Aerial refueler ~8 Ye-90 Details
Ye-89 Malivia Strategic airlifter ~34 Ye-89 Details
Ye-225 Malivia Multirole ~2 prototypes Ye-225 Details
Ye-5 (Used only by Coast Guard) Malivia Multirole ~290 Ye-5 Details


Aircraft Origin Type In service Notes
Do-8 Malivia Transport/Light attack helicopter Sold to Badara Do-8 Details
Do-24 Malivia Attack/Light transport helicopter ~46 Do-24 Details
Do-17 Malivia Attack/Light transport helicopter Sold to Badara Do-17 Details
Do-26 Malivia Large Transport helicopter ~16 Do-26 Details
Do-35 Malivia Medium transport helicopter Sold to Badara Do-35 Details
ZO-20 Malivia Medium transport helicopter ~2 ZO-20 Details
Ra-27 Malivia Anti-submarine helicopter ~36 Ra-27 Details


Helicopter CarriersEdit

Class Origin Quantity Notes
Mai-Prasad Class Malivia Decommissioned and scrapped Mai-Prasad Class Details


Class Origin Quantity Notes
Gul-class Guided missile destroyer Malivia 2 Gul-class Details


Class Origin Quantity Notes
Bharata-class Malivia 3 Bharata-class frigate Details
Manjula-class Trigunia Sold to Badara Manjula-class frigate Details
Joshi-class Malivia 6 Joshi-class frigate Details

Patrol CraftEdit

Class Origin Quantity Notes
Garawind-class Malivia ~24 Garawind-Class Ocean Corvette Details
Ganawind-class Malivia All decommissioned and scrapped Ganawind-class Patrol Vessel Details
Ganawind II-class/Istalia class Istalia 4 being build in Malivia plus 10 in order from Istalia Ganawind II-class/Istalia class Patrol Vessel Details


Class Origin Quantity Notes
Phan-class ballistic missile attack submarine Malivia 7 Phan-class Details
Dilip-class cruise missile attack submarine Malivia 3 Dilip-class Details

Utility & Logistics shipsEdit

Class Origin Quantity Notes
Multirole Landing Helicopter Dock - Amphibious Assault Ship Triesta-M class Istalia 1 being build in Malivia plus 2 in Istalia Triesta-M class Details
Dotuya-class Replenishment oiler & Repair ship Malivia 1 Dotuya-class Details


Tactical ballistic missileEdit

Name Origin Service Notes
Peluru berpandu I Malivia Being replaced in service Peluru berpandu I Details
Peluru berpandu VII Malivia In service Peluru berpandu VII Details

Intercontinental ballistic missileEdit

Name Origin Service Notes
Peluru tangbangdu I Malivia Cancelled Speculated Details

Cruise missileEdit

Name Origin Service Notes
Peluru barpandu I Malivia Being replaced in service Peluru barpandu I Details
Peluru barpandu II Malivia Being replaced in service Peluru barpandu II Details
Peluru barpandu IIs Malivia Being replaced in service Peluru barpandu IIs Details
Peluru barpandu III Malivia In service Peluru barpandu III Details

Anti-ship missileEdit

Name Origin Service Notes
Peluru berpandu IV Malivia In service Peluru berpandu IV Details
Peluru berpandu V Malivia In service Peluru berpandu V Details
Peluru berpandu VI Malivia In service Peluru berpandu VI Details

Anti-aircraft and Anti-missileEdit

Name Origin Service Notes
Peluru panpandu II Malivia In service Peluru panpandu II Details
Peluru panpandu III Malivia In service Peluru panpandu III Details

Infantry weaponsEdit

Assault riflesEdit

Name Origin Service Notes
Sharma-36 Malivia Retired - No stocks Sharma-36 Details
Sharma-49 Malivia Retired - No stocks Sharma-49 Details
Sharma-Z9 Malivia Experimental copy of a foreign design - never put in service Sharma-Z9 Details
Sharma-D65 Dundorf Retired by army - Used by MARA and National Guard - Huge stocks Sharma-D65 Details
Sharma-M61 Malivia In service Sharma-M61 Details
Sharma-M64 Malivia In service Sharma-M64 Details
Sharma-M65 Malivia In service Sharma-M65 Details

Machine gunsEdit

Name Origin Service Notes
Nita-22 Malivia Retired - No stocks Nita-22 Details
Nita-25 Malivia Retired by army - Used by MARA - No stocks Nita-25 Details
Nita-25vs Malivia In service Nita-25vs Details
Nita-67 Malivia In service Nita-67 Details
Nita-68 Malivia In service Nita-68 Details
Nita-76 Malivia In service Nita-76 Details
Nita-79 Malivia In service Nita-79 Details
Nita-84 Malivia In service Nita-84 Details

Sniper riflesEdit

Name Origin Service Notes
Nota-17 Malivia Retired by army - Used by MARA - No stocks Nota-17 Details
Nota-23 Malivia In service Nota-23 Details
Nota-27 Malivia Retired - No stocks Nota-27 Details
Nota-31 Malivia In service Nota-31 Details
Nota-29 Malivia In service Nota-29 Details


Name Origin Service Notes
Sita Model D Malivia Retired - No stocks Sita Model D Details
Sita-47 Malivia Retired - No stocks Sita-47 Details
Sita-49 Malivia Retired by army - Used by MARA - No stocks Sita-49 Details
Sita-57 Malivia Limited service by the Defense Ministry Sita-57 Details
Sita-58 Malivia In service Sita-58 Details
Sita-00 Malivia Files classified Sita-00 Details


Name Origin Service Notes
Rek-03 Malivia In service - Being replaced Rek-03 Details
Rek-05 Malivia Limited service - Replacing Rek-03 Rek-05 Details


Name Origin Service Notes
Vep-02 Service shotgun Malivia In service Vep-02 Details

Support weaponsEdit

Name Type Origin Service Notes
AS-304 Automatic Grenade Launcher Malivia In service AS-304 Details
AS-404 Recoilless gun Malivia In service AS-404 Details
Ad-434 Sing Tube Missile Launcher Malivia In service Grad-P single tube launcher system
AIS-40 Man-portable air-defense systems Malivia In service AIS-40 Details
DA-40 Anti-tank stationary missile Malivia In service DA-40 Details
DAS-23 Anti-tank missile Malivia In service DAS-23 Details
DAS-32 Anti-tank missile Malivia In service DAS-32 Details
ROD-FA Thermobaric missile Malivia In service ROD-FA Details
Nad-82 Mortar Malivia In service Nad-82 Details
Nad-120 Mortar Malivia In service Nad-120 Details

Malivian Republican Army Edit

The Malivian Republican Army (MARA) is any of several armed paramilitary movements of around 80.000 to 150.000 members though estimated around 20 to 35 thousand are capable fighters in Malivian dedicated to Malivian republicanism, the belief that all of Malivia should be an independent republic. It is also characterized by the belief that political violence was necessary to achieve that goal.

According to internal regulations, every member of the MARA military forces has to take a vow in which they formally assume the commitment of fighting to establish "social justice" in Malivia.

The symbol in the center of the MARAs flag is the old flag of the Malivian Imperium, which transmits the message "learn and fight for Malivia", as a sign of the importance ideological education has for the MARA.

Equipment&Training Edit

At the beginning MARA employed a diverse assembly of weaponry, most of it bought from individual sellers, and this generally continues to be the case. Even today, several MARA fronts still possess small quantities of many different kinds of rifles and shotguns.

Since the passing of the Paramilitary Amendment Act the army has supplied equipment and funds to equip and expand the MARA.

To achieve its military goals, the MARA considers that they must have properly trained fighters similar in capability to the Malivian Armed Forces.

Newly recruited paramilitary fighters have to follow a two months basic military training program that is different from the physical training programs. The basic training consists of having to identify firearms and getting used to specific models and their physical operation as well as mortar rifles and basic communication systems. The PT programs are separate from the main training schedule, as they are included in the day-to-day life of a paramilitary fighter if they can be attended, by climbing mountains, running with loads, participating in the digging of military trenches, making bunkers and occasionally also some swimming programs taking place in natural water resources such as rivers and lakes. Playing of soccer is another activity available to all male and female paramilitary fighters as it gives them a proper mental relaxation. MARA clearly advises all Paramilitary commanders to avoid assigning barely trained paramilitary fighters to do heavy load tasks.

After the basic training for newly recruited paramilitary fighters, the paramilitary commanders have to coordinate with the paramilitary fighters assigned as military instructors about their evaluation and performance records. After some time, they organize another set of advanced training for the better-performing paramilitary fighters. The second phase of training can be considered as similar to that of elite forces, also including the organization of military parades and the issuing of firearms. After this training and parades, the MARA gives its members the title of "Protector of Malivia", establishing the obligation to vow to fight for the goals and ideals of the group and for Malivia, until his or her death.

RP Defense Reviews,Budget increases and etc etcEdit

Defense Review Malivia Circa October 4216
Ministry of Defense: Budget Report April 4217
Defense contract selling 550 tanks to Kalopia/Cancelled
Defense contract selling 550 tanks to Valruzia
Defense Program initiated
Defense Program Phase II
Paramilitary Amendment Act
Defense Review Malivia Circa March 4231
Ministry of Defense: Budget Report Phase III
Open competition concluded for Amphibious assault ships
Arms deal with Badara

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