Ananto 2

Accompanying Commentary:

Did You Know...

Every year, the city of Kaliburg in Ananto hosts the world maple syrup chuggle contest, as well as the Cannabis Cup?

The North Seleyan Drift keeps Ananto in a temperate climate?

In the center of Ananto lie the Angry Mountains, a range of volcanoes that is home to Mount Mother Superior, a volcano so explosive it is still a custom to sacrifice a virgin to it every new moon?

The Island of Ananto used to be located near Telamon, but moved to Kalistan in the middle of the night after Telamon wouldn't spend enough money on it?

Ananto means "Land of Free Lunch" in Telamonian, because of the BLT tree that is native to the island?

The phrase "Ananto, Isle in Kalistan" can be rearranged to spell "A klok in a tins taneils?"

Ananto was the original habitat of the brown nosed bear, a common species throughout Seleya. The bears were driven from the island in 1560 because they were blamed for an economic depression in a time when Ananto's largest industry was honey production.

The city of Dulnerstaad is properly pronounced "Noo York?"

Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, and Jeff Beck all got their start in the same band?

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