Marligantos is an island province of the country of Gaduridos. It was a focal point of the Kalistan/Gaduridos War. During the war one of the major cities in Marligantos, Azban, suffered serious damage as a result of the BTP-FLF's effort to make it unliveable during their last stand. This included the destruction of the docks district. Starting in late 2070, the federal and local government made substantial efforts to steadily rebuild and re-vitalize the city. It is now a stable and growing city.

The capital of Marligantos is the city of Gadur.

Cities and MunicipalitiesEdit

Marligantos is home to 4 Cities, and 8 Municipalities.

The Cities are:

The Municipalities are:

  • Aerouba
  • Gran Marligan
  • Shan Tsun
  • Centar
  • Quisho
  • Punta
  • Sudsur
  • Kwarto



Marligantos is a mixture of different culture, and the 4 that dominates is the (ancient) Vintallian culture, the (historic) Bentariolan culture, the Indralan culture and the Pontesi culture. South and south-west of the island, including the city of Che Zhu and parts of Kesar, there lies a large Indralan populace. On the East, including the city of Azban and parts of Kesar, there lies a large Bentariola influence. Central and North-East, including most parts of Kesar, there is a heavy Vintallian influence.

The Capital of Gadur is an ancient city with historical and ancient relic from Indralan people, as well as Bentariolan and Vintallian relics


Marligantos mainly depends on trade, tourism and fishing industries. As capital of Gaduridos, the historical city of Gadur enjoys great trade relations and is a popular touristic attraction.