Confederal Army
Armata Confederală
Flag military

Flag of the Confederal Army
Founded 2086
Service branches Confederal Land Army (Armata Armatei Confederale)

Confederal Navy (Marina Plutitoare) Confederal Airforce (Fortele Aeriene Federale)

Headquarters Cetatea Albă, Tilarnia, Kizenia
Commander-in-Chief Minister of Defence
Minister of Defence Vincze Márió
General Valeriu Mitu
Military age 18+
Conscription No, only in wartime
Available for
military service
33.613.000 males, age 18-50 (as of 4227),
32,094,000 females, age 18-50 (as of 4227)
Fit for
military service
28.014.000 males, age 18-50 (as of 4227),
27.293.000 females, age 18-50 (as of 4227)
Reaching military
age annually
593.000 males (as of 4227),
546.000 females (as of 4227)
Active personnel 1,118,000 (ranked Average)
Reserve personnel 550,000
Deployed personnel 0
Budget .
Percent of GDP .
Domestic suppliers Confederate Defence Group Kizarm
Foreign suppliers Istalia, Dorvik, Trigunia
Annual imports classified
Annual exports ~142.000.000 NED
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Structure Edit

Confederal Land Army Edit

Army Command Edit

  • General Headquarters in Cetatea Albâ
    • 1st Mechanized Brigade
      • 114th Tank Battalion
      • 2nd Infantry Battalion
      • 495th Infantry Battalion
      • 113th Artillery Battalion
      • 288th Anti-aircraft Artillery Battalion
      • 117th Logistic Battalion
    • 6th Special Operations Brigade
      • 610th Special Operations Battalion
      • 620th Special Operations Battalion
      • 630th Paratroopers Battalion
      • 640th Logistic Battalion
    • 8th Mixed Artillery Brigade
      • 81st LAROM Battalion
      • 83rd Multiple Rocket Launcher Battalion
      • 96th Multiple Rocket Launcher Battalion
      • 84th Data Acquisition Battalion
      • 85th Logistic Battalion
    • 10th Engineer Brigade
      • 3rd Engineer Battalion
      • 52nd Engineer Battalion
      • 72nd Engineer Battalion
      • 136th Engineer Battalion
      • River Crossing Battalion
      • 110th Logistic Battalion
    • 61st Mixed Anti-aircraft Missiles Regiment
      • 1st Anti-aircraft Missile Battalion
      • 2nd Anti-aircraft Missile Battalion
    • 30th Guard and Protocol Regiment
    • 2nd Logistics Base
      • 22nd Transport Battalion
      • 102nd Maintenance Battalion
    • 313th Reconnaissance Battalion
    • 265th Military Police Battalion
    • 1st CIMIC Battalion
    • 45th Signal Battalion
    • 49th CBRN Battalion
    • 300th Logistic Support Battalion
    • 500th Logistic Support Battalion

2nd Infantry Division Edit

  • 2nd Infantry Division
    • 2nd Infantry Brigade
      • 20th Infantry Battalion
      • 22nd Infantry Battalion
      • 26th Infantry Battalion
      • 325th Artillery Battalion
      • 205th Anti-aircraft Artillery Battalion
      • 116th Logistic Battalion
    • 2nd Mountain Troops Brigade
      • 21st Mountain Troops Battalion
      • 30th Mountain Troops Battalion
      • 33rd Mountain Troops Battalion
      • 206th Artillery Battalion
      • 228th Anti-aircraft Artillery Battalion
      • 229th Logistic Battalion
    • 9th Mechanized Brigade
      • 912th Tank Battalion
      • 341st Mechanized Infantry Battalion
      • 911th Mechanized Infantry Battalion
      • 345th Artillery Battalion
      • 348th Anti-aircraft Artillery Battalion
      • 168th Logistic Battalion
    • 282nd Mechanized Brigade
      • 284th Tank Battalion
      • 280th Mechanized Infantry Battalion
      • 300th Mechanized Infantry Battalion
      • 285th Artillery Battalion
      • 288th Anti-aircraft Artillery Battalion
      • 469th Logistic Battalion
    • 51st Mixed Artillery Regiment
    • 52nd Mixed Artillery Regiment
    • 53rd Mixed Anti-aircraft Missile Regiment
      • 1st Anti-aircraft Missile Battalion
      • 2nd Anti-aircraft Missile Battalion
    • 3rd Logistics Base
      • 43rd Transport Battalion
      • 83rd Maintenance Battalion
    • 528th Reconnaissance Battalion
    • 96th Engineer Battalion
    • 47th Signal Battalion
    • 202nd CBRN Battalion
    • 200th Logistic Support Battalion

4th Infantry Division Edit

  • 4th Infantry Division
    • 15th Mechanized Brigade
      • 631st Tank Battalion
      • 151st Infantry Battalion
      • 634th Infantry Battalion
      • 335th Artillery Battalion
      • 635th Anti-aircraft Artillery Battalion
      • 198th Logistic Battalion
    • 18th Infantry Brigade
      • 26th Mountain Troops Battalion
      • 32nd Infantry Battalion
      • 191st Infantry Battalion
      • 183rd Artillery Battalion
      • 184th Anti-aircraft Artillery Battalion
      • 185th Logistic Battalion
    • 61st Mountain Troops Brigade
      • 17th Mountain Troops Battalion
      • 22nd Mountain Troops Battalion
      • 24th Mountain Troops Battalion
      • 385th Artillery Battalion
      • 468th Anti-aircraft Artillery Battalion
      • 435th Logistic Battalion
    • 69th Mixed Artillery Regiment
      • 7th Mortar Battalion
      • 315th Artillery Battalion
    • 50th Anti-aircraft Missile Regiment
      • 1st Anti-aircraft Missile Battalion
      • 2nd Anti-aircraft Missile Battalion
    • 4th Logistics Base
      • 41st Transport Battalion
      • 88th Maintenance Battalion
    • 317th Reconnaissance Battalion
    • 53rd Engineer Battalion
    • 55th Signal Battalion
    • 72nd CBRN Battalion
    • 400th Logistic Support Battalion

Rapid Forces Division Edit

  • 81st Mechanized Brigade
    • 814th Tank Battalion
    • 811th Infantry Battalion
    • 812th Infantry Battalion
    • 817th Artillery Battalion
    • 3rd Anti-aircraft Artillery Battalion
    • 405th Logistic Battalion

Training Command Edit

  • Training Command in Cetatea Albâ
    • Military Academy
    • NCO School in
    • 3x Application Schools, each with a training battalion
    • Military College
    • Military College
    • Military College
    • Military College

Confederal Navy Edit

Northern Navy Edit

Naval Division of Tottori Naval Division of Fluviului

Southern Navy Edit

Naval Division of Solbogat

Confederal Airforce Edit

Equipment Edit

Weapons Edit

-CT Pistol: (Main sidearm)
-CP5 Parhon: (Main sub-machine gun) (Special Forces)
-UPA Vlad & Hunyad: (Secondary sub-machine gun) (Special Forces)
-CC4.83: (Main assault rifle)
-EG36 Popescu: (Secondary assault rifle) (Special Forces)
LAR-22: (Main Battle rifle)
Hunyadi CSS-78: (Main machine gun)
-CM250 Akiki: (Secondary Machine gun)
-PM240: (Secondary Machine gun)
-SSR-53C Kamor II: (Main sniper rifle)
-PAR833: (secondary sniper rifle) (Special Forces)
-PM82 Berratt: (secondary sniper rifle)(Special Forces)
-CRPG-8: (Main Anti-tank weapon)
-C9K112 Kuto: (secondary anti-tank weapon)
-Mihai-44:  (Main anti-air missile)

M 1997 Djefry: (M 1988) (Main Mortar)
KK77BW L52: (Main howitzer)

Air Defense Edit

2k12 Porteşti: (50) (Main Air Defense system)
AA Flak Zyldafold: (30) (Main Anti-Air Artillery)

Vehicles Edit

KT-86: (1200) (Main battle-tank)
-ET-90: (750) (Secondary battle-tank)
-CMLI-80: (875) (Infantry fighting vehicle)
-VDM: (1350) (Main armoured Personnel carrier)
-APC-70: (200) (Secondary armoured personnel carrier)
-MXT%: (150) (Multipurpose armoured vehicle)
-Delta: (300) (Main transport/utility vehicle)
-ATLV-2:  (225) (Anti-tank launcher vehicle)

Aircraft Edit

Fighter Aircraft:

-PF-15 Black Pelican: (300) (Main fighter aircraft)
-PF-22 Yellow Pelican: (200) (Secondary fighter aircraft)

Transport Aircraft: Edit

CTP-10 Ginbar: (200) – (Military transport aircraft)
CSTP-5 Bajing: (75) – (Strategic Transport)

Helicopters: Edit

CH-330 Puma: (130) - Utility helicopter/gunship/naval helicopter
CH-30 Eagle: (245) - Attack helicopter

Naval Ships Edit

Frigates: Edit

-Dracul Class Frigate: (6) (Main multipurpose Frigate)
-Tiania Class Frigate: (12) (Secondary multipurpose Frigate)

Destroyers: Edit

-Kuzaki Class Destroyer: (6) (Guided Missle Destroyers)
-APS-19 Class Destroyer: (12) (Guided Missle Destroyers)

Cruisers: Edit

Whale Class Cruiser: (6)

Submarines: Edit

-Shark Class Submarine: (12) (Main Conventional submarine)

Corvettes: Edit

-Admiral Mlavic Class Corvette: (5) (Main Multipurpose Corvettes)
-Zyldav Class Corvette: (4) (Main Missile Corvettes)

Landing Ships: Edit

-Nest Class Landing Ship: (12) (Main Landing craft)
-Eagle Class Landing Craft: (24) (Secondary Landing craft)

Patrol boats: Edit

-Tilarnia Class Patrol Boat: (45) (Main Patrol Boat)


Aliances Edit

New Endralon/Kizenian is a member of the following aliances:

Kerisian Defensive Aliance (KEDA)

Brahms Accord

Northern Council Treaty Organisation (NOCTO)

New Endralon/Kizenia also has aliances with the following countries:




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