Internationalis Ministerium
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs
Foreign Affairs Seal
Yannis Hellada

Yannis Hellada

Office Active 4100 - Present
Term Length Varies
Appointer Selucian Senate
Inaugural Holders Xenia Harculae
Residence Domus Consularis

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Regnum de Selucia, also known as the Foreign Ministry, is a Government of Selucia's federal and executive Ministry which is responsible for maintaining external relations of the Regnum de Selucia, including Majatran cooperation and international development. The executive and political figure heading the Foreign Ministry is informally known as the Repraesentativum Rebus Externum de Selucia. The post of Foreign Minister is considered one of the high-profile portfolios in the Cabinet of Selucia, and names the Selucian Ambassador.

The Ministry is headquartered at the Via Magna, Auroria, a few blocks from Parliament. The Ministry is led by the Foreign Minister, who is nominated by the Caesar de Senatum de Selucia.


The Ministry is responsible for the foreign policy of the Regnum de Selucia. It has seven goals:

  • To promote security and stability, effective humanitarian assistance, and good governance.
  • To strengthen Majatran cooperation .
  • To increase wealth worldwide and fight poverty.
  • To promote human and social development.
  • To protect and improve the environment.
  • To promote the welfare and safety of Selucian nationals abroad and to regulate the movement of persons
  • To raise Selucia's cultural profile and help create a positive image within and beyond Selucia



The civil service consists out of the top level, the secretary general and his deputy and five directorates general, which manage several departements. The directorates general are led by Directors-General and are occupied with specific issues of foreign policy.

  • The Directorate-General for Majatran Cooperation concerns itself with the Majatran Continent. It is responsible for Selucian relations with Majatran nation. It also coordinates policy in regional organizations like the Organization of Majatran States (OMS).
  • The Directorate-General for Political Affairs is concerned with peace, security matters and human rights.
  • The Directorate-General for International Cooperation is responsible for international development, including economic development, education, health and environment. It implements Selucian development policy.
  • The Directorate-General for Regional Policy and Consular Affairs coordinates the diplomatic missions. It also shapes the migration and cultural policies of the ministry.


International OrganizationsEdit

Selucia has permanent representations at the following international organizations:

  • Alliance of Terran Republics
  • International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

List of Ministers of Foreign AffairsEdit

Portrait Name Took Office Left Office Party
Xenia Harculae Xenia Harculae February 4100 February 4115 In Marea Possumus Facere
Magnus Iunillus Magnus Iunillus February 4115 February 4119 Traditio et Honorem
Actea Diaphrodite Actea Diaphrodite March 4119 February 4127 In Marea Possumus Facere
Rubius Agneus Galea Rubius Acneus Galea June 4127 February 4131 Partis Laboris
Vacant February 4131 December 4136 Vacant
Curia Dio Curia Dio December 4136 February 4139 In Marea Possumus Facere
Empty Avitus Cassian Germanus January 4140 February 4159 Magni Iucunda Imperialium
A Rodis Altair Rodis February 4159 February 4163 In Marea Possumus Facere
Empty Maximinus Livianus December 4163 March 4170 Partis Nationalisti
Empty Manius Commodianus Octavianus July 4170 May 4180 Motus Patriciorum
Pic.aspx-w=651&img=XDP3-Andrian-Rodriguez9438629011 Ajax Apostolos July 4180 October 4211 In Marea Possumus Facere
Icarus Mavros Icarus Mavros October 4211 July 4219
Cossus Petronius Cicero Cossus Petronius Cicero July 4219 December 4228 Factio Proteetorate
Vacant December 4228 April 4229
Icarus Mavros Icarus Mavros April 4229 February 4243 In Marea - Civis Sinistram
Empty Fabius Valentina February 4243 February 4248 Partis Imperialis
Empty Maximus Buccio February 4248 February 4261 Legionem Nationis
Empty Kaeso Silanus February 4261 April 4265 Factio Fortuna
Alanus Iuvenlis Alanus Iuvenlis April 4265 November 4283 In Marea-Civis Sinistram
Stavroula Zerva Stavroula Zerva November 4283 August 4290
Empty Paula Porcius August 4290 April 4295 Partis Imperialis
Stavroula Zerva Stavroula Zerva April 4295 September 4300 In Marea-Civis Sinistram
Yannis Hellada Yannis Hellada September 4300 November 4302
Empty Caesar Jovian November 4302 May 4303 Factio Foedarati
Yannis Hellada Yannis Hellada May 4303 In Marea-Civis Sinistram

List of Selucian Ambassadors to the World CongressEdit

Portrait Name Took Office Left Office Reason Party Highlights
Pic.aspx-w=651&img=XDP3-Andrian-Rodriguez9438629011 Ajax Apostolos February 4123 July 4180 Retired In Marea Possumus Facere
  • Saridanese conflict
  • Aldegar-Baltusia conflict
  • Comitee of Baltusian referendum
A Rodis Altair Rodis July 4180 November 4213 Retired
Cynthia Amphion Cynthia Amphion November 4213 August 4252 Relieved
  • Istalia-Badara Terrorist attacks
Empty Decimus Nolus January 4254 April 4265 Relieved Legionem Nationis
Cadmus Tavoularis Cadmus Tavoularis April 4265 April 4295 Retired In Marea-Civis Sinistram
Aretha Antonopoulou Aretha Antonopoulou April 4295 November 4300 Resigned
  • Hulstrian/Dovanian Plague

List of Selucian Ambassadors to other nationsEdit

This is a list of the Ambassadors to the nations that have ratified the Selucian Official Diplomatic Treaty or have any kind of agreement with Selucia.

Name Nation Date of ratification
Caelia Dulcitia Lourenne February 4130*
Saturio Congrio Aldurie July 4297
Magnus Curcus Baltusia September 4019*/July 4297
Cappadox Sorex Drania June 4290
Secundia Siculus Kazulia October 4282
Egio Caetus Kalopia April 4281
Balio Caduco Sekowo June 4280
Regulus Caius Hutori January 4280
Iliana Linnea Vorona December 4279
Milphio Albanus Endralon October 4276
Magnea Vuccia Pontesi February 4272
Tullio Plotus Klavia Okeano July 4271
Minerva Austa Aloria January 4270
Naevia Ursus Tukarali April 4267
Albanus Aurelius Hawu Mumenhes February 4267
Adulescens Facilis Solentia October 4266
Amidus Ceruptus Hulstria May 4266
Ophelia Petropoulou Rutania April 4266
Scapha Gavros Beiteynu June 4259
Titia Ovidus Aldegar May 4255
Modestus Bolanu Beluzia August 4254
Helena Indita Zardugal September 4019*/December 4252
Panegyris Mansuetus Cobura December 4252
Lycus Buteo Likatonia May 4252
Aurelia Albani Dundorf April 4252
Philippus Suilius Talmoria January 4252
Baeria Augusta Istalia October 4108*/October 4251
Phygia Trebius Deltaria July 4251
Aquillia Suilius Kafuristan June 4251
Artamo Gavros Barmenia
Atronia Florens Jelbania March 4251
Georgius Quirinalis Jakania January 4251
Albinus Iuncinus Kirlawa December 4250
Antia Gaius Indrala September 4250
Diana Minnea Cildania May 4126*/June 4250
Manlia Dardanus Dolgavia June 4250
Pius Agustalis Badara January 4250
Leia Aquelasta Dorvik October 3352*/December 4249
Arria Musa New Endralon/Kizenia December 4249
Orania Gelasius Gaduridos
Gelasimus Cethegus Trigunia November 4249
Baebia Caprarius Malivia

Nation in Italics have other diplomatic treaties ratified with Selucia, but not the Official Diplomatic Treaty

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