Nation Pontesian Dynastic Commonwealth
Capital Jezhrnedomura
Population 19,937,296
Area 152,400 km²
Population Density 130.02 people/km²

The Satrapy of Mitraeum is a the southernmost Pentarchal Satrapy of the Pontesian Dynastic Commonwealth.

It is dominated by its lowlands, the most of the province being relatively low above the sea level by Pontesian standards. Because of this, it has a notably warmer climate than the rest of the country as well.

Mitraeum is noted for the high cultural influence and presence of Felinist Jelbic-speaking Brmékai (Barmenians) in the Satrapy. After the Pontesian Civil War, the soldiers of the Crimson Crusade retreated through Mitraeum to a safe haven in Felinist Barmenia. In n a bizarre twist of fate, as the genocidal armies of the Ahmadi sought to cleanse Barmenia from Felinism hundread years later, Mitraeum in its turn became a safe haven for the Crusade's old allies when their homeland fell during the Barmenian Refugee Crisis. It is no surprise that Mitraeum also houses the headquarters of the Felinist Claws and Paws Organization that seeks to restore Felinism in Barmenia.


Geographical view of Mitraeum

Pn1 Pontesian Dynastic Commonwealth
Dawnstar (capital)
History & Economy History of Pontesi, Pontesian Civil War
Geography Migrant's Pass
Demographics Arev Mardik, Seluco-Pontesians
Culture National Anthem: Oh Fatherland
Religion Aurorian Patriarchal Church, Terran Patriarchal Church
Satrapies Bazileum | Septentria | Caespasia | Azorium | Mitraeum
Politics Historically Important Parties: Democrat Party, One Nation Conservative Party, Aurora Libertatis, Pontesi Socialistic National Unity Party, Crimson Crusade
Nobility Noble Houses: House of Belknap, House Mederagaar, House Aedinius
People Alamar Xarfaxis