King of the Kalopians
Ο βασιλιάς των Καλοπιών
Monarch of Kalopia Flag
Banner of the Monarch of Kalopia
George I of Kalopia
Geórgios I
since 4438

Style: His Majesty
Heir apparent: The Crown Prince of Kalopia
First monarch: Geórgios I of Kalopia
Formation: 4438
Residence: Royal Palace, (Helios)

The Monarch of Kalopia is the de-jure head of state and Ruler of the Kingdom of Kalopia. He is represented internationally by his Deputy, the Governor-General. The current Monarch is King Geórgios I of the Kyvern Dynasty. The King of Kalopia, as he is currently styled earns roughly 1.2m Wantuni annually.