Moniade I

Chelsi Henry as Queen Moniade
Queen of Talmoria
Reign May 4099 - unknown
Titles and Styles
  • Her Imperial Majesty The Empress Esintsundu
  • Her Majesty Queen of Talmoria
  • She Whose Words are Beyond Question Queen of the Asli
  • Great Royal Wife of Cobura
  • King's Wife of Hawu Mumenhes
  • Her Royal Highness Princess of Ibutho
  • Princess du Sang de Rildanor
  • Sakha of Cobura
  • Defender of the Faith
  • Conqueror of Rivers




Birth Unknown at Unknown
Death Unknown at Unknown

Moniade I was the Queen of Talmoria and Aslistan and Empress Consort of the Esinsundu Empire. She is credited with restoring the Talmorian monarchy after a long period of abolition. The Queen also played a critical role in the founding of the Esinsundu Empire when she granted her consort Prince Tutimaios of Hawu Mumenhes the crown matrimonial along with permission to join the crown together with the other major Esinsundu kingdoms. Her grandson Saksoure VII reigned as Pharaoh of Hawu Mumenhes and her great-grandson reigned as Emperor Esintsundu.

Titles and StylesEdit

  • Birth - May 4099: Her Royal Highness Princess Moniade of Talmoria, of Aslistan, and of Ibutho, Princess du Sang de Rildanor, Hereditary Noblewoman (Sakha) of Cobura
  • May 4099 - July 4105: Her Majesty Moniade I Neuhaus, Queen of Talmoria, Queen of the Asli, Defender of the Faith, Conqueror of Rivers, Princess of Ibutho, Cobura, and Hawu Mumenhes
  • July 4105 - unknown: Her Imperial Majesty Moniade I Saksoure-Neuhaus, Empress Esintsundu, Queen of Talmoria and Aslistan, Great Royal Wife of Cobura, King's Wife of Hawu Mumenhes, Princess of Ibutho, Cobura, and Hawu Mumenhes, Princess du Sang de Rildanor, Hereditary Noblewoman (Sakha) of Cobura, Defender of the Faith