Category:  ? Drafted on: November 2299 Proposed By: Conservative Party
IN THE NAME of the Republic and Citizens of Mordusia, the Assembly, being the democratic representation, has decided to provide a safeguard for all people living on Mordusian soil.
THEREFORE the Assembly calls for the neutrality of the Republic of Mordusia, under the conditions as stated.
  1. The Republic of Mordusia declares itself to be neutral in all wars and only seeks enough arms and soldiers to defend itself.
  2. Other nations ratifying this treaty recognize the neutrality and sovereignty of the Republic of Mordusia and guarantee its safety from their own military forces.
  3. No nation signing this treaty is obliged to come to Mordusia's defense as a result of this treaty, although separate arrangements guaranteeing Mordusia's neutrality may still be made.


NationDate of Ratification
Republic of Mordusia July 2300
Imperial Crownlands of Greater Hulstria November 2300
Republic of Trigunia December 2300
Independent Wantuni Republic July 2301
People's Republic of Kirlawa April 2303
Cildanian Republic August 2303
United Tribes of Tukarali November 2303
Christian Duchy of Keymon March 2304
Republic of Egelion March 2323
Kongeriket Kazulia May 2327
Federal Republic of Jelbania January 2337
Royal Kingdom of Saridan December 2338
Confédération des Deux Kanjors Septemeber 2340
Royaume Français de Rildanor October 2368
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